YGG and Its Community Raise $1.4m for Philippines Typhoon Victims

"This sense of community that blockchain gaming has, looking after its own, is a priceless asset we must cherish."

Many of us are idealistic when it comes to blockchain in gaming. We see the opportunity to go further than entertainment; further than community, even. There is a chance to do genuine good and we have seen it already.

The Philippines has emerged as the sweetheart of blockchain gaming in many ways. In 2020, amidst a global pandemic that was hampering the workforces of countries around the globe, a small town in the Philippines was particularly adversely affected. In one of the most warming stories in our space, residents found Axie Infinity and managed to make a living wage from a Play to Earn (P2E) game.

Unfortunately, the Philippines has been hit with a different disaster, and again, blockchain gaming has had a positive role to play in its recovery.

Typoon Odette (Rai) Victims Have Unlikely Support

The Philippines is a beautiful, tropical archipelago that has to deal with semi-regular natural disasters. The most recent has been a horrendous cyclone, Typhoon Odette (known as Typhoon Rai in neighboring countries) in late December 2021 which has killed over 400 people, with over 80 people still missing. It has been the third costliest disaster in Philippine history and has left many communities reeling.

In this dark time for the country, blockchain gaming has yet again emerged as a small glimmer of light, strengthening the relationship between our industry and the nation. Yield Guild Games, the now-famous P2E gaming guild, teamed up with its community to set about raising funds for those affected by Typhoon Odette. The relief fund quickly generated $1.4m from the YGG community, YGG, and DeFi Kingdoms who contributed $250k.

I will always make time for any organization in our space that does well by doing good. This sense of community that blockchain gaming has, looking after its own, is a priceless asset we must cherish. Yield Guild Games, YGG community, and DeFi Kingdoms — great work!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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