Will Blockchain Brawlers’ PvP Mode Open the Floodgates?

My time involved in Blockchain Brawlers is now truly racking up, and yet, it’s not started. The mining phase I may have engaged with, but it wasn’t a game and it wasn’t what I wanted to see in the space. The promise of a PvP mode piqued my interest, but the introduction of Richard Garfield and the details about his involvement were what had me fully in BCB’s corner.

In all honesty, the journey for Blockchain Brawlers has been tumultuous. The initial hype and demand saw players making ridiculous (and unsustainable) returns. However, the financial barrier of entry was also sky-high and the number of players was few. It was a way of testing tokenomics, but I worry it did more harm than good. Many with a cursory interest may have concluded that this simple clicker was all the game was ever to be.

Now, we’re on the cusp of the real game (or real game, perhaps) entering its Closed Beta phase, in which I will be participating and creating content about (if allowed to.) In a recent Medium post, WAX Studios gave an overview of what the PvP mode will be, and this, combined with the knowledge I had gleaned from calls with WAX, has me optimistic.

Nevertheless, I haven’t played the mode yet, so I still have reservations. These reservations are exacerbated by just how much is riding on the success of this mode. If Richard Garfield’s brand new game type is fun, this could be a seminal moment for WAX Studios, Blockchain Brawlers, and even blockchain gaming. But, that’s a big ask. For a new game type to be invented and to be a hit right off that bat is a tall order, but if anyone can do it, Richard Garfield is one of the few who has a proven track record. This, in combination with the WAX Studios talent pool, and I am hopeful.

The above video is my thoughts on Blockchain Brawlers before I try the new game mode and it is a blend of an article from several months back and some recent thoughts on the topic. Whatever comes next for BCB, I will be sharing my thoughts on it, so stay tuned.

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Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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