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When an impressive-looking RPG is announced to have integrated NFTs, I rise like a meercat. But, of all the games I have looked at in the crypto space, Stormrite has been the most erratic journey as I oscillated from enthusiastic positivity to narrowed-eyed skepticism. However, I ended somewhere in the region of enthusiastic positivity, offset with a few cautious reservations.

Stormrite is an open-world action RPG with a dark, fantasy-medieval setting with Enjin NFT integration through the gas-free JumpNet blockchain. Before I dive into the details of the game, let me take you on the dizzying voyage of my first impressions.

Stormrite Integrates Enjin-based NFTs

When I heard another game has joined Enjin’s ecosystem, I was pleased. Enjin has been (rightly) more vigilant with the games they promote, and so it was more likely this would be a project of substance and legs. Then, I looked at the project and saw it is a Kickstarter game, which took the wind from my sails. I have backed many crowdfunded games, but it’s typically a cesspit with some gems that buck the trend. Then I watched some of the trailers and gameplay footage of Stormrite and like Abe Simpson, turned my 180-degree turn into a 360-degree turn and read on. The graphics were at the upper reaches of indie and the lower tiers of triple-A, and the gameplay looked smooth and rewarding. So, I was back to enthusiastic until I saw the goal to have this attractive RPG made was just £20,000 (about $28,000). What sort of team could do anything substantial with that budget? And here we reach the final dizzying turn: it’s clearly a passion project and nothing resembling a Kickstarter cash-grab. I can only presume Kelechi Apakama and his three colleagues merely wanted the bare minimum to make Stormrite happen.

Now, the interest for us who believe blockchain is going to revolutionize the gaming industry is that Stormrite has been announced as part of Enjin’s blockchain. While I yearn for games north of the Flash-style browser games that dominate the Dapp charts, I admit I have some reservations about Stormrite on this front. The Kickstarter has no mention of NFTs, blockchain, or Enjin, and for now, at least, the game will only use NFTs in a cosmetic capacity, and thus only loosely giving these NFTs utility. However, beggars can’t be choosers. This does look to be a promising game and it will have NFTs in it that sync with the Enjin wallet and can be traded in the marketplace. My unreserved support for Stormrite as a blockchain game hinges on whether the NFTs can drop inside the game, or if they are only bought outside and taken in, but either way, Stormrite is another step forward.

The Kickstarter has completed and doubled its timid goal, reaching £41,117 over 583 backers. This could play a key role in the future success of the game and bringing Apakama’s impeccable vision to life. The aesthetic, the combat, the storyline — they’re all deliciously cohesive, luring in the RPG-fan in me. I would be shocked to learn that the team isn’t long-standing fans of The Elder Scrolls series as well as Brandon Sanderson. The progression system in the game sees you specialize between the usual triad of warrior, ranger, and mage, but there appears to be enough variety in playstyle and character customization to give the game the scope for lasting enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Stormrite certainly does not lack promise, offering graphics, animations, and a seemingly high level of polish I can’t quite explain given the small team and budget, but that in itself is a positive. If a team this talented starts having their palms laced with silver from both RPG fans and blockchain and NFT enthusiasts alike, we could see the birth of a brilliant game and a crucial member of the Enjin ecosystem. The role NFTs play — by which I mean their quantity, prevalance, and source (that is, not just bought) — is still unknown and while I have no contentions with cosmetic-only, I do hope they are more than a tacked-on afterthought for a new revenue stream. If they are, then Stormrite is exactly the sort of game blockchain needs and a boon for Enjin.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
Full-time professional crypto writer and Editor of Token Gamer. Co-host of the Mint One Podcast. Obsessed with MMOs. London based. Primary holdings: WAXP, ENJ, & BTC. Secondary holdings: ETH, GALA, & MATIC

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