We’re Giving Away 10 NFT Skins for Competitive FPS, The Forge Arena!

We've teamed up with GEN-E Studios, creators of The Forge Arena and we're giving away 10 awesome weapon skins to 10 different entrants in our latest competition.

It’s time for round 2 of our new 10-day cycle NFT giveaways! The winner of our last giveaway, Splinterlands land, has been selected and they have received the NFT. Now, we’re giving away 10 NFTs for one of the most exciting blockchain games you can play right now: The Forge Arena.

What Is The Forge Arena?

The Forge Arena is a tactical FPS in the same vein as Counter Strike or Valorant and aims to be one of the first eSport-ready games to utilize blockchain technology. Like the aforementioned games, it’s 5v5 and no player can gain an advantage through buying better weapons or characters; it’s an even playing field with parity.

Anyone with any experience in competitive FPS games will know that skins for guns are in high demand and can fetch exorbitant prices, even without proper ownership. If The Forge Arena hits the markers it’s aiming for, it could be all of that and more.

There are already a number of great skins, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, and so we have teamed up with the creators, GEN-E Studios, to give away 10 of the first wave of NFT skins for The Forge Arena!

How to Enter

Firstly, here’s what we’re giving away:

  • Deagle | Blaze (Mint #8 of 30)
  • Barret | Hornet (Mint #15 of 28)
  • 870 | Hornet (Mint #5 of 22)
  • Flashbang | Reaper (Mint #12 of 59)
  • Frag | Gold (Mint #13 of 79)
  • M1 | Poison Frog (Mint #21 of 62)
  • Flashbang | Hornet (Mint #53 of 204)
  • P90 | Flaxen (Mint #55 of 198)
  • M1 | Forest (Mint #16 of 69)
  • Barret | Hornet (Mint #30 of 81)
The golden frag grenade, for when you need to detonate people without forgoing your opulence.

We’ve upgraded how you enter our competitions, now we just use Gleam for business. If you cannot see anything below this text on how to enter, an ad blocker is being overzealous, so just click here.

The secret code for a bonus entry can be found in the Member’s Club lounge on Discord which is only accessible to holders of the VIP or Member’s Pass NFTs.

Token Gamer x The Forge Arena: 10 Incredible NFT Weapon Skins
Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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