Web3 Mobile Games are Exploding Thanks to One Company

"So, the next time you see someone demanding use-cases for blockchain in games, link them this article or point them toward Mythical Games — they're putting out numbers that any publisher would be proud of, web3 or otherwise."

Participation in the most popular web3 games of the 2021 boom has fallen, significantly in some cases. But, web3 mobile games are on a sharp incline, with one company dominating.

In September 2022, Murtagh wrote an article on some of the web3 mobile games in development that are worth following. There were a few familiar names on that list that I would still expect to do well, but there was a lack of one game developer and publisher that has risen to the top.

As for games that have been playable on mobile for a while, Thetan Arena is arguably the most successful, boasting numbers so impressive I’ve even questioned if they can be real. Incidentally, Murtagh also wrote an article on Thetan Arena. What neither Murtagh nor I could have predicted in 2022, however, is what Mythical Games were about to do.

The Mythical Story of Web3 Mobile Games

Mythical Games Web3

As our regular readers will know, I met with Mythical Games at Gamescom 2022 and was instantly enamored with their philosophy. The only game that was playable at that time was Blankos Block Party (which we’ll come back to), and it wasn’t really for me, but there were a few projects in the works I did like the look of.

Over the next year or so, Mythical Games would officially partner with the NFL, and then release two more games to the public, both mobile, and see unprecedented success in the space.

Nevertheless, it feels as if their achievements have gone a little under the radar; I regularly see people calling for examples of games using blockchain that have large playerbases, and do so implying there aren’t any. Even many web3 gamers in the space seem to neglect one of the — if not the — best success stories of web3 gaming at present.

There are three games that are putting web3 gaming on the map and I’ll give you some brief evidence of how.

NFL Rivals

Web3 mobile games NFL Rivals
When it comes to web3 mobile games, NFL Rivals is leading the way.

I have written about NFL Rivals onboarding success recently as they surpassed 1 million downloads, with a wealth of highly positive reviews to boot.

Now, however, NFL Rivals has hit a major milestone that goes a way to demonstrating how much of a success story the game is: NFL Rivals has over 1 million downloads already. That is an impressive metric by anyone’s standards, but for a web3 game, it’s particularly noteworthy. Linden, unphased by the large number of installs, told Coindesk that ‘We’re sitting at a 4.8 out of five on [the App Store] with nearly 22,000 reviews, which is great.’

Since then, NFL Rivals has gone from strength to strength, which is absurd. Let’s summarize the accomplishments:

Also, I believe it was in the top 10 games by downloads on Apple for a period of time, but I can’t find the LinkedIn post with the proof! Whatever the case, NFL Rivals is unrivaled with regards to onboarding players to a game that uses blockchain.

Nitro Nation World Tour

Web3 Mobile Games Nitro Nation World Tour
Nitro Nation is another reminder that web3 mobile games do not need to stuff web3 down the players’ throats.

Next up is Mythical’s latest release in conjunction with CM Games: Nitro Nation World Tour. This racing game managed half a million downloads on Android in its first week! Nitro Nation has officially licensed car NFTs from the likes of Aston Martin, Jaguar, McLaren, and Pagani, as well as a launch event involving Deadmau5.

Blankos Block Party

Web3 mobile Games Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party saw decent success when it was the first blockchain game to be inducted into the Epic Games Store. However, it’s clear that Mythical Games knows where its bread is buttered: mobile. Mobile gaming has more players than all other platforms combined and is growing, so it’s a sound business decision. In a recent blog post, Mythical announced Blankos Block Party will be coming to mobile. This social game has captivated a cult following with its cohesive aesthetic and its casual nature feels beautifully positioned for mobile.

Final Thoughts: Web3 Mobile Games to Lead Mass Adoption

There have been episodes of the Mint One podcast over the years that I have mentioned how seamlessly many of the most popular web3 games could fit into the mobile platform. I have also written about many studies that show the dominance of mobile in global gaming. What I didn’t expect, however, was quite how suddenly some blockchain games would take off.

Now, I would attribute this to some clever positioning from Mythical. Yes, the partnerships — most notably the NFL — are unparalleled, but the games just present blockchain’s utility, without the fanfare. This has been the play all along and yet so few have seen it. Blockchain is a technology, it needn’t be polarizing or front-of-house; show players the value rather than telling them.

So, the next time you see someone demanding use-cases for blockchain in games, link them this article or point them toward Mythical Games — they’re putting out numbers that any publisher would be proud of, web3 or otherwise.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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