Web3 MMORPG on Polygon, Life Beyond, Enters Open Alpha

A Play-and-Earn MMORPG, on Polygon, that has an entirely free-to-play alpha... in blockchain gaming?! Utterly unheard of. Life Beyond opens its doors to all.

The number of interesting blockchain games (note the emphasis on “games”) is rising by the day, which has felt a long time coming to us! We have a whole host of projects we want to stream and make videos on, and Life Beyond is on our list.

What Is Life Beyond?

What is Life Beyond? Life Beyond is a Play-and-Earn MMORPG centered around content creation, a social experience, and action gameplay. It doesn’t appear to focus on PvP, but rather is an inclusive massive multiplayer that leans heavily towards PvE. It is on Polygon and the developer, Darewise, is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

The launch was announced on Twitter on 6th July when it became completely “open” to players, that is, it doesn’t require any NFTs or passes to play. However, those with an Apartment Access Key or a Dolos Passport got a week-long headstart. Although the open alpha will be primarily for testing this impressive-looking project, it will also reward players for testing with the Open Alpha Reward Program; details of the rewards will be posted to the Life Beyond Medium.

One interesting addition is that in the alpha β€” as is the case with all alphas β€” your character and account progression will be eventually reset. However, all NFTs unlocked will be retained, which adds another alluring dimension to testing this project. There is also an “After Party” event at the end of alpha testing, whatever that might mean!

Life Beyond is an interesting-looking game in my favorite genre and an entirely free-to-play blockchain game β€” particularly one in alpha β€” is rarer than rocking horse feces. There aren’t many opportunities to test a game of this caliber in our space for free, so I would take the opportunity with both hands. It’s certainly a game we will be looking at covering in the near future!

To learn more about the game, click here.



Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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