Web3 Management Sim, Tiny Colony, Leaves Solana for Immutable X

Tiny Colony, a Web3, PvE and PvP, construction and management game has been thriving on Solana. With almost $3 million raised, Tiny Colony was the top-selling collection on Fractal. Nevertheless, Tiny Colony has packed up its tiny empire and migrated to Immutable X.

What Is Tiny Colony?

Tiny Colony is best understood as a little pixelated metaverse. It is a Web3 management sim at heart, but it has myriad game modes, both PvP and PvE, events, experiences, mini-games, quests, and so on; It is merely Tiny in name! Tiny Colony has a $TINY token that will be used for governance in the Tiny DAO, allowing the community to vote on and dictate the overall direction of the project.

The team behind the game has experience with the likes of EA, Playstation, and Capcom, as well as a background in the film and TV industry (which might explain the Tiny Colony Animated Series that is in the works.)

The current game modes are:

  • Construction & Management (PvE): Build and manage your expanding colony
  • Battle Arena (PvEvP): Create a squad of NFTs then hold off waves of creatures while also fighting another player.
  • Gladiator Arena (PvP): Go head-to-head with another player using Legendary or Mythical character NFTs.

Both of the modes with PvP elements reward the player with either $TEENY (the in-game token), $TINY (the governance token), or NFTs. Losing in PvP is punished with either a “downed character” that initiates a cooldown before it can be used again or a loss of experience points.

For a more complete explanation of the game’s mechanics, I’d recommend Tiny Colony’s Medium article.

Why Has Tiny Colony Moved to Immutable X?

There are undoubtedly a number of factors. Firstly, 2022 was a rough year for Solana. Although it is an ecosystem I hold in high regard, the network had a lot of issues and outages and Solana was also tied up in some of the catastrophes that happened last year. Conversely, Immutable X has gone from strength to strength and the chain’s game roster is of the highest caliber.

In a press release by Tiny Colony, they said: “By adopting ImmutableX technology, Tiny Colony will be able to offer numerous new features and capabilities, including faster and more responsive performance; improved security; enhanced accessibility for new web3 gamers with the inclusion of a built-in crypto wallet; the option to pay for in-game assets with fiat currency, and more.”

This is a real shame for Fractal above all — though as the platform is going multichain, there’s a chance it is only a brief setback. However, it seems a strong decision for Tiny Colony and could mean more exposure to Web3 gamers.

We are delighted to be partnering with ImmutableX as we establish ourselves in the world of web3 gaming. ImmutableX has a strong reputation for creating top-quality games and supporting web3 gaming projects through their native platform. This partnership allows us to benefit from the specialized technical support, product life cycle consultation, and long-term direction provided by the experienced team at ImmutableX as we continue to develop Tiny Colony.

— Arshia Navabi, CEO and Co-founder of Tiny Colony

The MVP of Tiny Colony is currently accessible to NFT holders and contains the core mechanics for testing and to aid in the development of the final game.


Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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