WAX Lyrical, Episode 4: What Is the Metaverse?

Few words have gone from obscure to omnipresent quicker than "metaverse", and yet even experts struggle to define it. This week, we investigate.

Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided to combine forces to launch a WAX-centric, weekly podcast, WAX Lyrical. John Nichols of NFT Insider and I will discuss a new topic every week, as well as feature special guests in the near future. If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, make sure you let us know through the Token Gamer Discord or Twitter, or the NFT Insider Discord or Twitter.

Last week’s episode was debunking common myths and misconceptions about crypto. This week we wanted to focus on something a little more positive: the metaverse.

Episode 4: What Is the Metaverse?

I can’t recall a time where there was a more popular concept that was so ill-defined as the metaverse. For sci-fi enthusiasts, the term, coined by Neal Stephenson, has been around for decades. For those in crypto, it has been an interesting idea for several years. For those with little to no interest in crypto, it likely cropped up around the time Zuckerberg renamed his company to Meta.

Google search popularity for the term “metaverse” since 2004.

Despite bursting into the global lexicon, the metaverse lacks a concrete definition, even from the experts. In this episode, I mention Grayscale’s report on the metaverse — which is excellent might I add — but even that has to remain relatively vague. The best definitions dance around a point I have focused on in every piece I have written on the subject, but to quote Cathy Hackl, the metaverse is the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.

In truth — and I’m sure Cathy would agree — this is woefully incomplete. The metaverse is likely going to be a fully-fledged digital home for us, but what form it takes is still far too blurry to make out.

In episode 4 of WAX Lyrical, John and I go through different definitions, the history of the term, and interesting data surrounding it. We also make a few predictions for the future that will undoubtedly return to haunt us in ten years’ time.

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Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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