WAX Lyrical, Episode 3: Debunking Crypto Myths

The world of crypto has myths orbiting it at all times, often perpetuated by media outlets we are meant to trust. So, this week, we let loose at them.

Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided to combine forces to launch a WAX-centric podcast, WAX Lyrical. John Nichols of NFT Insider and I will discuss a new topic every week, as well as feature special guests in the near future. If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, make sure you let us know through the Token Gamer Discord or Twitter, or the NFT Insider Discord or Twitter.

Last week’s episode was a little stiff and serious in its subject matter, so this week we wanted to loosen it up and talk about something both John and I have a lot to say on: crypto myths.

Episode 3: Debunking Crypto Myths

If you work within crypto or spend a lot of time reading about the sector, you will see myths on a daily basis. When it is Twitter commenters pouncing on a celebrity or established brand announcing their first NFTs, I can shrug it off to an extent. However, when it’s reputable, mainstream media outlets, it’s more difficult to shed.

In October this year, I finally snapped over the lazy portrayal of NFTs in the media, particularly when it came to blockchain gaming. The same tropes about crypto are leaned on obsessively; environmental damage and the implication of some criminal underworld. While there are grains of truth to these statements, the claims made are usually somewhere between woefully overstated or outdated, or patently untrue.

In this episode, John and I go through some of the most common myths, the sources of the problems, and some hard evidence on how some of them are unambiguously incorrect. As always, the outro is chaos, so enjoy that. If you use Apple Podcasts, please leave us a rating as it helps get the word out about both WAX and WAX Lyrical.

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Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
Full-time professional crypto writer and Editor of Token Gamer. Co-host of the Mint One Podcast. Obsessed with MMOs. London based. Primary holdings: WAXP, ENJ, & BTC. Secondary holdings: ETH, GALA, & MATIC

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