Wax Labs Proposal 59

Final Submission (2/2)

Our aims to release a native mobile version of WaxAccount were unfortunately struck down by Apple. We had previously successfully managed to deploy a WAX NFT app (Token Gamer app) to the Apple store, and after discussions with Apple we believed that WaxAccount would meet their criteria. However, after developing a proof of concept in Flutter, our submissions were declined due to the use of NFTs and lack of Apple native login. Despite appeals, we were been unable to convince Apple that we were not in violation of store policies.

We have instead, spent considerable resources over the last few months focusing efforts on producing a high fidelity, responsive mobile friendly web app. Since our first submission, we have compeleted the following:

  • A new landing page featuring WAX stats and a WAX project showcase (free, no paid advertising).
  • Brand new UX.
  • Responsive web app.
  • Free tokenomics (50% complete, whitepaper in progress). This is a free to earn loyalty / incentive mechanic only. We have applied for, and expect, this token to be covered by the regulatory entities in our local juristiction (Isle of Man).

WaxAccount is ready for launch, and we hope you can see the benefit of this user friendly WAX tool. We will be marketing this product to gamers and crypto users outside of WAX over the coming months.