WAX Is the Most Active Blockchain in the World: Are They a Future Gaming Titan?

Blockchain gaming is thundering forward at an unignorable pace. There are many blockchains, developers, and studios in and around the front of the pack. However, few can verifiably claim to be there as WAX can.

It is almost common knowledge at this point that WAX has the most popular blockchain game and has topped the DappRadar Games chart for months on end. Even when the king — Alien Worlds — is dethroned from time to time, it is by Splinterlands, a multichain game that also uses WAX.

In the last 24 hours, WAX games occupy 1st, 2nd, 5th, 17th, 18th, and 21st of DappRadar’s top 25 games on user numbers. This isn’t a gerrymandered statistic; whatever timeline you choose, WAX is a dominant figure. What’s more interesting is that WAX is on an upward trend, despite $WAX still being criminally underrated, currently ranked 120th on CoinMarketCap. Their dominance isn’t limited to gaming dapps, however.

Screenshot of Blocktivity.info, 08/11/2021

To say WAX is the most active blockchain is to wildly undersell the situation. As you can see, they are currently over three times that of second place, both in 24-hour activity and almost all-time record too. The rise of this blockchain has been a long time coming for those who have been supportive since 2018, but WAX’s ascension in terms of chain activity has been largely over the past 6 months. In this time there have been numerous records broken over and over too.

Screenshot of Blocktivity.info/coin/waxp_0, 08/11/2021

Why Could This Be Important for the Future of Gaming?

There are a number of hats in the ring to be influential figures in the rise of blockchain gaming. However, the crowning glory of WAX is that no other chain can point to evidence of suitability for gaming’s high demand. WAX has proof that not only can they manage gargantuan transaction numbers, but they can do so swiftly and without fees. Many chains posit theoretical limitations or results of closed testing, and while I don’t doubt their validity in the slightest, WAX has a running use-case that gets more impressive by the day.

WAX is undeniably a force in blockchain gaming, but as blockchain gaming transitions to just “gaming”, it will need a home that can withstand volcanic heat and pressure. Currently, WAX look to be one of the strongest candidates for the position.

Lead image a composite, photo by Redd via Unsplash

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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