War of Crypto Early Access Sale: Bonus Announcements Aplenty

If you’re anything like I was as a child (and if you were, I’m so sorry), you might have spent many of your waking hours ham-fistedly doodling the crudest renderings possible of your favourite cartoon or game characters. Maybe you got really creative sometimes and even designed your own toys, heroes, or characters to inhabit those fanciful pre-made worlds. Alas, such ideas never came to fruition as megacorporations didn’t see the value of outsourcing their design departments to our misshapen juvenile scrawlings. Wouldn’t it be just grand if that childhood dream of creating a character was allowed to happen? Read on, because it just might happen with War of Crypto.

Making the Community Part of WoC

With the next stage of WoC’s Initial Asset Offering (i.e. the Early Access sale) kicking off today (November 10th), Lucille Games have been busy little bees announcing all the information pertaining to it. We know that they’ll be widening the net of participants by offering 10 times as many heroes as the pre-sale and spreading the word to their Pokefind players. We’ve met new characters like Panshao (think Kung Fu Panda on steroids), Bastet (not to be confused with Ol’ Dirty Bastet), and big boss baddie Iratus (the rarest Early Access character, backed by 6,000ENJ each), amongst others. But one piece of information they released recently comes as a very pleasant surprise.

Anybody who participates in the Early Access sale will go into a community giveaway draw to help design an exclusive new skin as part of group of 20 winners. The 10 highest contributors to the Early Access sale are automatically part of this group, with a random draw for the remaining 10. Each crystal purchased accounting for one entry into the draw. They vote on which individual hero (from a choice of 3) they wish to redesign. Then, everybody pitches in on colour and aesthetics changes, and once there’s a consensus, the WoC design team gets cracking on realising it. The hero skin becomes part of the game and the 20 community designers all get a copy – true ownership of an exclusive video game asset.

The winning group can make tweaks to an existing character design

The Chosen One

Helping redesign an existing hero is cool. But what’s cooler than being cool? That’s right, designing a hero from scratch. One lucky winner (drawn before the design community) will do just that, by working with the concept art team and bringing their vision to life. The name goes back in to the metaphorical hat afterwards; so there’s two chances to win.

The chances to make this kind of an impact on games are few and far between. You don’t need programming skills or 3D modelling expertise. The only restriction you face if you win is your own imagination.

The WoC concept artists will add polish to any hero design the winner comes up with

Good luck and make sure to check out our War of Crypto giveaway to win yourself some heroes from the pre-sale!

Chris Skillicorn
Chris Skillicorn
Gaming, blockchain, and Nordic Noir are a few of my favourite things. And bacon, because bacon. Full disclosure: Longtime fan and HODLer of the Enjin Coin (ENJ) project, as well as HODLer of ETH, and (if they manage to build any worthwhile games on it) NEO.

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