Undead Blocks Launches Multiplayer and Daily Earnings

Undead Blocks, a zombie-killer FPS on Immutable, has been ramping up quickly. At New Years, the team launched multiplayer, and on the 28th February, daily earnings will go live!

In early 2022, we first covered a new type of shooter where you kill zombies and get crypto — a delicious concept. It was still in alpha and very rough around the edges, but something was certainly interesting about the project. In the last 9 months, however, Undead Blocks has gone from strength to strength, hosting $100,000 tournaments, joining Immutable, hosting huge giveaways, and so on.

The zombie survival genre has seen enormous success over the years, with the likes of Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty’s zombie modes, and Day-Z capturing gamers everywhere. Web3 was still lacking this sort of gameplay and Undead Blocks shows how well a survival game can fit with Play-to-Earn. That is, the longer you survive, the more of the currency you earn.

We streamed some of the closed beta of Undead Blocks and whilst the gameplay felt strong, it was light on content, so we’re pleased to see that the wave of updates we’ve seen in the past few weeks have included weapons, bosses, unlimited waves, co-op, and more. With the full release of Undead Blocks on both PC and mobile said to be this year, we are likely to see more regular patches coming.

Daily Earnings

Today, Wagyu Games, the creators of Undead Blocks, announced the launch date for Genesis and Apocalypse weapon NFT holders to be able to earn. As of 28th February, these NFT holders will be about to grind ZBUX solo or with their friends in the free-to-play modes. These ZBUX can be used to buy Loot Coffins which contain skins (also NFTs) and rare items.

There are 2 in-game currencies and one out-of-game currency for Undead Blocks: ZBUX, Gold ZBux, and $UNDEAD. The breakdown of how these currencies work is in the above-linked article if you are interested.

Undead Blocks is one of the few titles currently playable and it is using a model I suspect we will see more of this year: free-to-play, pay-to-earn. What do you think about that dichotomy?

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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