Web3 MMORPG, Big Time, Reveals How Its Economy Will Work

    One of our favorite Web3 games — and one we have partnered with in the past — has finally revealed how its economy will...

    AlterVerse Launches Gameplay Trailer for Closed Alpha

    AlterVerse is a promising gaming metaverse-style project built in Unreal Engine 5, and after a long wait, we're getting some gameplay footage ahead of...

    What Is Walker World? New Web3 Open World Shooter in UE5

    This year may have had a great many negatives, but let's not dwell on them when we can instead focus on the influx of...

    What the F**k Is Going On in Crypto? Mint One 44

    I usually shy away from titles like this, but it's hard not to. The last week has been utter chaos and it felt disingenuous...

    Thalon, a New Web3 RTS on Immutable X, Is Announced

    Listen up Real-Time Strategy fans: a new Web3 RTS on Immutable X has been announced and it's shaping up nicely! Introducing, Thalon. There are a...

    AlterVerse Launches Sky City Pre-Alpha After Successful Funding Round

    AlterVerse has secured funding from the likes of Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, and Ankr to build a fully functioning virtual metropolis in the metaverse:...

    Highly Anticipated Web3 FPS, SHRAPNEL, Releases Incredible Game

    SHRAPNEL is, without question, one of the most highly anticipated Web3 games currently in development. It is a project that can wear the AAA...

    Get a Glimpse of Mirandus Gameplay, Gala’s Web3 MMO!

    Ah, Gala Games — a drum I have been banging on for a year or more at this point. However, I must confess something:...

    Will Blockchain Brawlers’ PvP Mode Open the Floodgates?

    My time involved in Blockchain Brawlers is now truly racking up, and yet, it's not started. The mining phase I may have engaged with,...

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