All-Star Developer Team Form to Create Ambitious Blockchain Game, MetalCore

    Studio 369 is a relatively new games publisher with some strong industry experience. Now, they have turned their attention to blockchain gaming. The team...

    Enjin Adds Interesting Play to Earn Shooter, Moonshot Voyage, to Its Adopter Program

    In an announcement yesterday, gaming blockchain, Enjin, revealed their latest addition to the Enjin Adopter Program, Moonshot Voyage. This program is far more exclusive...

    Top 5 Blockchain Games to Follow in 2019

    With more and more blockchain games projects appearing in 2018, it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff and see which ones are worth your attention in 2019.

    War of Crypto Exclusives: Token Gamer Interviews Daniel Matias, CEO of Lucille Games

    War of Crypto is a game that has interested us for a while, so we were keen to learn more, and learn more we did. Daniel Matias discusses the aims for WoC, the problems with the first pre-sale, and gives us multiple exclusives including unseen heroes, alpha key distribution, and a huge mic drop on a future goal.

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