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Enjin Wallet App has Been Best in Class for Years, Finally Gets 2.0 Upgrade

There is a very fond space in my mind reserved for the Enjin wallet. Back when blockchain gaming was almost entirely underground and had fewer games than a 96-year-old's phone, there were...

WAX Rounds off 2021 With Incredible 10 Million Account Milestone

There are several blockchains we have an affinity for and WAX is arguably top of our list. While we work with and write about lots of chains and companies (and I personally...

Enjin Announces New Feature: Enjin Beam, QR Codes for Blockchain Loot

Team Enjin have done it again and this new development, Enjin Beam, is another game changer for easy mass adoption of blockchain games. You can now "beam" a gaming item that is built on top of the ERC-1155, straight into your Enjin Wallet from a specially developed QR code.

Blockchain for Beginners, Part Two: Cryptocurrency and Wallets

If you’ve heard of blockchain, you’ve heard of cryptocurrency. You may have read about Bitcoin a few years back as a way to buy legally questionable items off the dark web. Or in...
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