Capcom and WAX Team Up for Street Fighter Digital Collectibles (NFT), Sales Soar in Just 24 Hours

    The buzz around NFTs (non-fungible token), indivisible, unique, and trackable digital assets, has been growing for several years now. Many small companies, games, and...

    Part 2: Now That I’ve Downloaded the Enjin Wallet App, What Next?

    Like any normal app, follow the prompts, and create a password. Also of note, for the non-English speaking gamers amongst us, the wallet currently...

    Enjin Wallet: The Melt of It

    How far has the mobile phone come over the years? I remember when its two main functions were: making/receiving calls; and playing snake on...

    Enjin Announces New Feature: Enjin Beam, QR Codes for Blockchain Loot

    Team Enjin have done it again and this new development, Enjin Beam, is another game changer for easy mass adoption of blockchain games. You can now "beam" a gaming item that is built on top of the ERC-1155, straight into your Enjin Wallet from a specially developed QR code.

    Fungible Vs Non-Fungible Explained

    It's important to understand the various high level aspects of blockchain to really appreciate a cryptocurrency. One of those aspects is the creation of a "non-fungible" token. As blockchain developed it was obvious that the technology did not just have to be confined to currency.

    Enjin Launch ‘Mintshop’, World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service

    Enjin has taken another large step towards mass adoption with their introduction of Mintshop where you can now mint your own ERC-1155 tokens, easily.

    Are You Being Scammed? How to Spot a Rogue Blockchain Game

    Blockchain gaming is an exciting new technological frontier - but as with any new phenomenon, you have to be careful to keep yourself safe by sorting the wheat from the chaff.

    Blockchain for Beginners, Part Two: Cryptocurrency and Wallets

    If you’ve heard of blockchain, you’ve heard of cryptocurrency. You may have read about Bitcoin a few years back as a way to buy legally...

    Blockchain for Beginners, Part One: Introduction

    New technology can be confusing. I remember when my family first got a dial-up internet connection. I was probably about 8 years old. The strange...

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