Enjin’s JumpNet Attracts Projects From the Likes of Microsoft and Binance, While Space Misfits Migrates To It

    The NFT goldrush has been undoubtedly marred by two elephants in the room: one being environmental impact and the other being gas fees for...

    The Genius Pivot of Topps To NFTs: The Key To WAX’s Future and Their Role in Blockchain Gaming

    Games utilizing blockchain technology are in their foetal stage, operating primarily as a substratum of mainstream gaming. While there are undoubtedly impressive games in...

    What Is Space Misfits? Blockchain Gaming Watch

    A blockchain based space MMO that is play to earn? Color me intrigued.

    What Is Lost Relics? Blockchain Gaming Watch

    The number of games utilizing blockchain has been growing exponentially for some time now. Many aren't overly interesting, but there are plenty of diamonds in the rough. This is certainly one of them.

    What Is HodlGod? Blockchain Gaming Watch

    In the second article in our new series looking at blockchain games, we preview HodlGod, the player versus player (PvP) title entering beta soon.

    Christie’s Auction House To Sell Its First Digital-Only Artwork: The Rise of the NFT Continues

    The pace at which NFTs are being adopted is truly staggering. In the last seven days we have seen Topps including redeemable codes for...

    Walmart and Target Selling Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards That Now Include Redemption Codes for NFTs

    As of today, 24th February 2021, Target and Walmart will sell Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight trading cards that contain exclusive redemption codes for...

    YouTuber Logan Paul Releases Limited Edition NFT for Mayweather Fight

    Whether you like or dislike modern, social media influencers, they're not only here to stay, they have a tremendous amount of value to every...

    Capcom and WAX Team Up for Street Fighter Digital Collectibles (NFT), Sales Soar in Just 24 Hours

    The buzz around NFTs (non-fungible token), indivisible, unique, and trackable digital assets, has been growing for several years now. Many small companies, games, and...

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