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The Big Onboarding Problem in Web3: Mint One 40

We're taking a week off of Web3 A-list guests and going back to John and me tackling a topic head-on. This week, we're dealing with one of the biggest hurdles in the...

Matt Thwaites, Guild Lead at Big Time: Mint One 39

We have been racking up some Web3 powerhouses as guests lately and we're at it again this week as we interview Guild Lead at Big Time, Matt Thwaites! Token Gamer and NFT Insider...

Mint One Podcast 38: Michael Sanders, Co-Founder of Horizon Blockchain Games

We said we had a lot of great guests coming up and weren't lying. This week, we interview Michael Sanders, Co-Founder and Chief Storyteller at Horizon Blockchain Games. Token Gamer and NFT Insider...

Mint One Podcast 37: 26 Must-Know Web3 Tools

Web3 feels as if it is expanding faster than any industry I have ever seen, and it's not unlikely that it is. In the four years I have been working in the...

Mint One Podcast 36: The Ethereum Merge Survival Guide

We are mere days away from one of the most significant events in crypto's history: The Merge. Even if the technology side of Ethereum doesn't interest you, you'll have likely seen terms...

Mint One Podcast, Special Episode: Live From Gamescom 2022

The second ever special episode of the Mint One podcast comes with a first: John and I recording in person, together. The first special episode was NFT.NYC. This second edition is a...

Mint One Podcast 35: Sudoswap, CC0s, and the Royalty Debate

The Web3 world ignited in discussion over Sudoswap's decision to lower royalties for creators to zero without the consent or permission of said creators. This sparked quite the debate. Token Gamer and NFT...

Mint One Podcast #34: Interview With Brian Trunzo, Polygon’s Metaverse Lead

We've teased some big guests for a while and finally, it's time. This week, John and I speak with the Metaverse Lead at Polygon, Brian Trunzo. Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided...
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