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Walmart and Target Selling Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards That Now Include Redemption Codes for NFTs

As of today, 24th February 2021, Target and Walmart will sell Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight trading cards that contain exclusive redemption codes for WAX blockchain collectibles. Whether you're interested in GPK...

YouTuber Logan Paul Releases Limited Edition NFT for Mayweather Fight

Whether you like or dislike modern, social media influencers, they're not only here to stay, they have a tremendous amount of value to every industry. If the right influencer mentions a product,...

Gods Unchained Announce Next Wave of Beta Testers Coming This Week

When you think blockchain gaming, Gods Unchained is one of the first games in development you will think of. They have enjoyed arguably the most attention of any of the blockchain games...

A Roundup of the Most Important Enjin News

The last three months have been pretty exciting for Enjin! So much has happened that I'm just going to bullet point it real quick before we get into the new ENJ-backed crypto games — here's some of what they've been up to

Enjin Launch ‘Mintshop’, World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service

Enjin has taken another large step towards mass adoption with their introduction of Mintshop where you can now mint your own ERC-1155 tokens, easily.
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