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My Pet Hooligan Now Playable and There’s a Free NFT Drop

My Pet Hooligan is now live on the Epic Games Store for all to play in its Open Early Access Phase, and to make things even more interesting, they have partnered with...

Level Up Your Alien Worlds Mining Arsenal With New NFT Tools

Alien Worlds has announced the Series 2 NFTs that will appear in the Outpost and they bring with them opportunities to greatly increase the amount players can mine, but that’s not all....

10 Amazing Web3 Games to Hit Elixir Games Launcher

Table of Contents What Is the Elixir Games Launcher? 10 New Games on Elixir Games Launcher World Eternal Online CyberTitans Elemental Raiders Chronos Mokens League Tinies No Way Back Tollan Worlds Safrootics CaveWorld Final Thoughts Elixir Games Launcher is one of the go-to places to play...

Can Blockchain Kill Cheating in Gaming? We Interview Felix Xu on Randcast

Introduction Have you ever seen random airdrops, competitions, and loot that just seem a little too suspicious? They might be, or they might not be, the problem is, we typically cannot tell. One...

Pixels MMO Makes Major Move to Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network

The dynamic and burgeoning world of web3 games is witnessing another milestone. Pixels, with its growing traction, is poised to become a part of the Ronin family, leaving Polygon. Sky Mavis only...

NFL Rivals Launches In-Game Marketplace on iOS and Android

NFL Rivals has just launched its in-game marketplace for both the iOS and Android versions of the game, allowing gamers to buy their favorite NFL players, as NFTs, right there in the...

Unlocking the Magic of Pauper Mode in Gods Unchained

Web3 is a hotbed for trading card games (TGCs) and good ones at that. Gods Unchained has taken a fresh step forward with the unveiling of its newest game mode: Pauper. For...

What Is AI Dungeon? The Pioneering Use of ChatGPT in Gaming

Introduction In the dynamic realm of gaming, few titles have managed to capture the imagination of players like AI Dungeon. This isn't just another game — it's a testament to the potential of...
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