TG Interviews Ex-Head of Activision Blizzard APAC After Move to Web3

    Token Gamer interviews the ex-Managing Director and Head of Activision Blizzard Asia Pacific, Mark Aubrey, now co-CEO of Web3 company, Catheon Gaming. Introduction Web3 is ill-defined...

    TG Interviews stuckatsixpm, Creator of The Adventurer’s Guild

    This week I was able to ask stuckatsixpm some questions about The Adventurer's Guild (TAG). If you didn't get a chance to read last...

    Token Gamer Interviews Cats in Mechs CEO Kyle Garner

    Questions and answers with the head developer of Cats in Mechs. Find out about the next 10,000ENJ backed item! The Melt - Where a little cheese goes a long way.

    War of Crypto Exclusives: Token Gamer Interviews Daniel Matias, CEO of Lucille Games

    War of Crypto is a game that has interested us for a while, so we were keen to learn more, and learn more we did. Daniel Matias discusses the aims for WoC, the problems with the first pre-sale, and gives us multiple exclusives including unseen heroes, alpha key distribution, and a huge mic drop on a future goal.

    Is This the Most Beautiful Blockchain Game? Token Gamer Interviews Age of Rust

    Today I’m chatting with Chris LoVerme, who is the head developer on the blockchain based game, Age of Rust.

    Token Gamer Interviews Adam Kling, Cryptofights Founder

    A question and answer styled interview with the head developer of Cryptofights. See what it's all about in his own words! The Melt - it ain't pretty but it tastes good.

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