Top 5 Play-to-Earn Games for September 2022

"It is easy to see the emphasis on art and design in the multitude of fun Blankos you can collect. Blankos will also be one of the first Web3 games introduced on the Epic Games Store, which is a feat in itself."

It’s time again to look at the top 5 Web3 games for September! This month, we have many newcomers to our list, but also some veterans that managed to hold their spots. We will get into the prerequisites to be listed, as well as the games themselves below, but first, let’s check out the user metrics for the month. In the below chart, you can see the top 5 most played games, by user count in the past 30 days.

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The main changes to point out from last month to this month are that overall, games seemed to lose users, but the new game to the list, Trickshot Blitz, has added a lot of monthly users. This meant the top five grew in its total user base. The monthly volume went up for all top 5 games, except for Solitaire Blitz, which lost volume.

Prerequisites for Being Listed

The following are the requirements each game must meet in order to make the top 5 list.

  1. Must be playable (at least beta)
    • It’s pointless to rank games that have no gameplay, this list will only be playable games.
  2. Must be able to earn
    • We are only discussing games where earning is active, in some form or another.
  3. Must NOT be a clicker only
    • There are many clickers out there, this list isn’t for them. Real games only.

Top 5: September 2022

1. Splinterlands

Up first this month, we have Splinterlands. Splinterlands is one of the big collectible card games in the crypto space, and it deserves to be highlighted this month as it is one of the most popular blockchain games out there.

The game prides itself on “fast and furious” battles that only take a couple of minutes to play. What I like about Splinterlands is the huge library of cards the game has, as well as the deep strategy you need to master the game. This card game is worth checking out, if you haven’t gotten around to it, as it may be your new favorite.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox did manage to be an honorable mention last month, but this month I’ve moved it up on the list. It does particularly well at being a metaverse-like game, where there is a variety of content and different things to do. Many big names have also taken interest in The Sandbox, and it seems like they have a new name-brand partnership every week. On top of that, season 3 of The Sandbox started last week, which includes over 90 new unique experiences and a leaderboard to compete for rewards.

The main way to earn in this game is to create user-made NFTs to then sell on the marketplace. While this isn’t a great game to earn, it is unique, and its gameplay and popularity, as well as the new season, helped it break into the top 5 this month.

3. Big Time

Big Time is the only game from last month to stay on the list! There is great talent on their dev team with people who have worked at Epic Games, Blizzard, Riot, and EA.

Big Time is a multiplayer RPG where you can fight monsters and go on quests in order to save the universe. Currently, you can earn NFT drops in-game. The graphics in this one are eye-catching and something I appreciated. Big Time will be a fun one to keep an eye out for as the developers continue to add content and make the world bigger. You will need a beta pass NFT to play, however.

4. is back this month! There is something so refreshing about being able to play this game within seconds of thinking about it. It’s as simple as arriving on their home page and a match starts for you. If the ease of playing wasn’t enough, is a fun game that I could play for hours.

It’s more Halo-esque in its gameplay than a game like Call of Duty or CS:GO, which is my personal preference. You do need a skin to start earning, which isn’t super cheap with the floor hovering around $100, but it’s free to test, which is a real win. If they can figure out a way to drop the floor price while keeping the integrity of their in-game economy, I think they will see a wider player base gravitating towards

5. Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is the second metaverse-type game on our list this month. It’s described as a “vibrant open-world multiplayer game styled like a giant block party, with a focus on custom art and design.” It is easy to see the emphasis on art and design in the multitude of fun Blankos you can collect. Blankos will also be one of the first Web3 games introduced on the Epic Games Store, which is a feat in itself.

In order to earn, you will need to complete challenges that give you in-game currency (not crypto) and can be used in-game to buy NFTs. While the earning potential is low, this game is a winner for its gameplay. What is especially cool is you can create your own custom games to play with friends, so the game can be as fun as you make it.

Honorable Mention: BattleTabs

I did want to give a quick shout-out to a game that caught me by surprise this month. The game BattleTabs draws its inspiration from the classic board game Battleship. You and your opponent alternate turns shooting blindly at the opponent’s board until all of their “ships” are sunk. The twist with this one is each ship is unique and has special abilities. You can even customize your deck to fit your play style.

I originally went in to play one game and ended up addicted to it and playing twenty! The only drawback currently is you can’t really earn. They did have a tournament recently with winners getting some NFTs, but how much they will lean into the Play-to-Earn side of the game is unknown

What games did we miss this month? Let us know on the Token Gamer Discord if we had a blind spot, and if you missed last month’s top 5 you can check that out here as well.

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