Token Gamer Interviews Adam Kling, Cryptofights Founder

Thanks a lot for taking some time out today Adam, to chat about the great project your team is working on. Since you’re busy we’ll get straight into it. Now I must disclose here that I’ve been following CryptoFights for a while now and have proudly purchased some of your first release ‘genesis’ items (and they look awesome), but for those who don’t know who you are, can you give us a brief rundown on your background in gaming?

Sure, CryptoFights is our studio’s first blockchain based game. This is why I put together an all-star team to help create a shared vision of what blockchain gaming could really be. My background is more in developing tech projects, ad tech, systems, and startups. I also have a programming background before I moved into performance marketing. CryptoFights was born because I saw a need for a serious blockchain enabled game that could compete with mainstream games (and it wasn’t tradable pictures), however as you know crypto games have a unique set of features traditional games cannot compete with.

I can definitely see why CryptoFights was your first blockchain project then. Can you sum up in a paragraph or two what the game is and the new style of gameplay it offers?

CryptoFights is inspired from the pen & paper RPG games like D&D from the olden days. We took the deep strategy from those style games and put those into our game with some improvements for a faster paced gameplay. You start the game by creating your first fighter. You can customize that fighter with several options for Race, Gender, Hairstyle, Beard, and Colors. You then allocate your starting points to either Strength, Agility, or Vitality. Each ability determines how your fighter will perform with specific weapons and armor sets. For example, investing many points into agility makes you more likely to dodge an attack and do more damage with agility weapons like daggers. After you have created your first fighter you are now able to enter the fighting arena where you can test your might. You will be matched with other players either by first come basis, or by putting in filters to narrow down your opponent. If both players accept the match, then you are presented with several decisions you need to make. First you will need to select your fighter equipment pre-set (i.e. assassin, tank, hybrid, etc. You make these presets before starting a fight), then you will be taken to the wagering screens.

Wagering is a brand new mechanic being offered with CryptoFights. Here you will be able to wager in game gold on the fight. If you think you can beat that opponent then you can place a wager. Wagering is optional and both sides do not have to commit to this. After you wager, you go into battle. Here you will be attacking or selecting your additional moves such as improved attack, health up, and defense up. These all have cooldowns except the normal attack. This gives you real time ability to affect the fights outcome. All moves are determined by dice rolls and are hashed into a secure system to create a transparent secure block that builds upon itself.

Winning a battle means you have now gained XP and possibly some gold. You can then take that XP to level up your fighter unlocking new arenas and increasing your bet sizes. You can take your gold spoils and head into our store to purchase new weapons and armor, or even meltable treasures to retrieve ENJ. We plan on adding more features in the future such as ranking systems, tournaments, and major prizes. I also want to keep a secret about our mini-game that you can play to win tons of gold after winning a match. More details coming soon about this.

Wow, that’s some really interesting and unique gameplay on offer. You’ve obviously given it a lot of consideration! Being a big supporter of blockchain based games, I’m aware you attended a Blockchain Gamer Connects conference recently. With such conferences available, and groups like the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, which boasts Ubisoft as a member, along with Enjin, and other independent game developers. Is it fair to say that the gaming industry as a whole is starting to take notice of this new blockchain technology? And what are your thoughts on these collaborations and alliances?

Absolutely, its imminent that big studios will take notice. It’s just that nobody knows how a crypto game will work because there hasn’t been any proven business model. Once the pioneers flesh out a viable business model, the big money will rush in to create these new style of games because the old traditional gaming cannot compete with these new features. I think this is a positive thing for gamers right now, and for developers, as we are in the very early stages of a radical change in gaming that you could only dream about as a kid. Now we just need to hurry up and build them so the mainstream gets the “ah ha” moment and demands these types of games in the future.

I must admit I’m really excited about seeing such unity in the advancement of gaming. Gaming for me, was a great reason to catch up with friends, whether in person or online, and in my mind, unity is where it’s at, and I don’t just mean the game engine! On that poorly veiled segway;) – what game engine is your team using? And is the implementation of the Enjin powered blockchain technology proving to be an easier or harder task than you envisioned?

Yes, we are using Unity. Integrating the ERC1155 game items has been pretty straight forward but there is still a highly technical backend that is very complex. CryptoFights is using a sidechain to power ALL of our game mechanics which means we have to integrate a game with blockchain development and not traditional client-server technology. Then we have game items that you can own and not require a login and password to use the game. However, once all is said and done you will desire this in the future. It removes the login and password from all games and all your game items are in your digital wallet ready to be used by any game you want.

Great stuff, sounds like gamers can let the developers do all the hard work! So let’s get back to these awesome CryptoFights items that your team have already minted. As I’ve said, I’ve got some already and they look very cool in the Enjin Wallet – really crisp resolution, and the ability to view the item up close, through the website details you provide is a super neat feature. I love the detail of your work! How can our readers get some awesome CryptoFights gaming items? Plus as I’m sure everyone wants to know – when can we expect to use them in your game? That’s when the real fun begins!

Our pre-sale just ended, and while you can still purchase those items we are going to be taking that down and pausing the smart contract, but possibly doing a Kickstarter campaign in the future for “no-coiners”. When we open beta testing we will be allowing all the pre-sale early adopters first access and then opening it up from there.

Well people better be quick then. I got to say, I’m pumped to see this come out. Having played heaps of Tekken/Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat and D&D back in the day, I can’t wait to see the blockchain twist on that style. The idea of actually winning something more than street cred is lasting in my mind. Anyway, I’m sure you need to get back to making all this happen. Any last thoughts to share with our readers before you go?

Crypto Gaming has become a passion of ours while developing CryptoFights. It just offers so much more to gamers and so many more benefits. The team at CryptoFights is super excited to get this out to the public so they can start seeing what is possible with blockchain technologies. We really appreciate all early adopters support when developing something so cutting edge. Also, we can’t wait to have tradable fatalities like you saw from Mortal Kombat. Coming soon… 🙂

Fatality…wicked! Thanks again for your time Adam, and I can’t wait to see what CryptoFights brings to the gaming landscape. If anyone wants to know more about CryptoFights be sure to join their telegram account, and any other social platforms for details.



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