The Top 8 P2E Gala Games to Get Excited About!

"It's pretty clear that Gala Games isn't interested in one type of game, but instead are pushing forward with whatever quality games they can think up. This is a very encouraging sign for a game studio who is pioneering into blockchain gaming."

Gala has a lot going on, as was already covered in this recent article here, but what are the Play to Earn (P2E) games you need to be keeping an eye on? Today we will cover the top eight P2E games in development by Gala Games that you need to know about. Narrowing this list down to five proved too challenging, so today we will briefly cover the following eight games in no particular order.

8 Gala Games You Need to Know About

Gala Games blockchain

  1. Fortitude
  2. Grit
  3. Spider Tanks
  4. Eternal Paradox
  5. Battlestar Galactica
  6. Superior
  7. The Walking Dead: Empires
  8. Mirandus


Up first on our list is the game Fortitude, a tower defense game launching in Q4 of this year. What excites me the most about this game is it will have live-action PvP where you will be trying to take out your opponent’s base, while they do the same to yours.

This reminds me of games like Age of Empires, so it’ll be interesting how they distinguish it as not a city-building game, but a tower defense game. It looks like the Gala team drew inspiration from Clash of Clans like so many other games have, and have really upped the graphics. The main thing I’m disappointed by is it will be PC playable only, and this feels like a type of game that would do really well on mobile.


We have covered Grit in a recent article here, but it’s worth going over again briefly. Grit will be a western Battle Royale, and a very noticeable aspect of it is its launch on the Epic Games Store. This alone is a reason to keep a close watch on it, because of the massive exposure/opportunity that could bring.

I am looking forward to seeing if Grit can be the game that brings blockchain gaming to the masses. Who doesn’t want to ride around on horses, shooting shotguns while getting paid in crypto?

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a PvP (player versus player) brawler, where you will need to craft a tank to fight other players. This game promises to enter the world of eSports for highly competitive gameplay. I like the idea of a battle tank that is customizable by equipping different NFTs to it, and of course, this isn’t the first time a game has used this mechanic, but it may be a first for NFTs. Overall this one looks like a lot of fun, and I’ve always enjoyed this type of arena battling game.

Eternal Paradox

Next up is Eternal Paradox which is one of the very few games that Gala has advertised as mobile. This game will combine city-building-type games with some RPG (Role Playing Game) elements. This should be an interesting combination. Of course, city-building means there will be land sales, who doesn’t like a good one of those?

I was able to try a demo of this game, and while the demo was basic and only the RPG aspect of the game, it was promising. In the RPG aspect of the game, you lead a team of different champions while trying to defeat your opponent’s team of champions in turn-based battle.

Battlestar Galactica

Next is a game with a classic title, Battlestar Galactica, which was also recently reviewed here. Similar to Eternal Paradox above, Battlestar Galactica looks to be a kingdom-building game, although in space where your objective is to “Rebuild, Reunite, and finally Reclaim” what is rightfully yours. Details are sparse, but I’m excited to see what the team behind it can create and that an impressive IP is joining the space. It will be fun to build a space empire to conquer the galaxies!


Superior is a third-person shooter where you will fight enemy superheroes that have transformed into monsters. The artwork for this game looks particularly fun, colorful, and bright. You will need to fight in different biomes as you try to take down the enemies, and it’s co-op, so you can fight alongside your friends! Keep an eye out for it when it launches in Q4 of this year!

The Walking Dead: Empires

Gala Games is also working on a survival MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in The Walking Dead: Empires. You will need to scavenge the surrounding areas for supplies, build up your base, and of course fight zombies. With a collaboration with a huge TV franchise, this one will be very interesting to watch. Who doesn’t love killing zombies?


Last on today’s list is Mirandus, which is a Fantasy RPG. This game seems like it will be a very open world, and they advertise a lot of different play options/styles. For example, you can fight in the wilderness versus monsters, or set up shop in a kingdom, or join with one of the ruling monarchs to serve as a knight. I don’t necessarily love the art style, it does look pretty blocky to me, but I won’t hold that against it.

Conclusion: Gala Games Is One to Watch!

It’s pretty clear that Gala Games isn’t interested in one type of game, but instead is pushing forward with whatever quality games they can think up. This is a very encouraging sign for a game studio that is pioneering in blockchain gaming. As we continue to get closer to more of these game launches I can’t wait to hear more details about each of the above games.

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