The Official Olympic Games Has Launched a Play to Earn NFT Game

"We have a new P2E game to discuss and I have no earthly idea how it has flown under the radar."

The integration of NFTs into mainstream culture has been met with either devout acceptance or unfettered derision. In fact, some companies dip their toe in the waters and then promptly defecate everywhere and hurry back to web2. Well, of all people, the Olympics has unapologetically got involved.

I’m not sure what surprises me more, an officially licensed Play to Earn (P2E) game with NFTs for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, or that the NFT detractors aren’t having collective apoplexy. Whatever the case, we have a new P2E game to discuss and I have no earthly idea how it has flown under the radar.

Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022

Although the game is unexpected, there are some familiar names behind the project to those of us in the space. The game has been developed by nWay for nWayPlay which is a “platform for competitive multiplayer games with play-to-earn features using NFTs.” The more familiar name, however, is Animoca Brands who appear to be on a mission to become completely ubiquitous within blockchain gaming, and nWay is a subsidiary of them.

Olympic Games Jam is a competitive game where you join 15-19 other players to compete in various Winter Games events. These arcade-style matches reward the winners with digital NFT pins among other spoils.

Key Takeaways

  • Officially licensed product by the Olympics
  • Competitive: rewards only given to highest placed finishers
  • Play to Earn through NFT rewards, boxes, and its own token (not yet available on DEX)
  • On Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
  • Substantial roadmap with more content, NFTs, events, and progression

There appear to be only two problems I have been able to find: firstly, the overlords at Apple are gatekeeping the app. Many developers (ourselves included) have battled with Apple over (even the mention of) NFTs within an app on their store. It appears no one is impervious to that and despite many outlets reporting Olympics Games Jam as being available on iOS, it is currently only on Android.

The second issue is the bizarre lack of exposure. Players are reporting that they cannot fill lobbies with 20 players, which is simply down to a lack of awareness for the project. The game launched on 3rd February and it took me until the 7th to hear about it! Perhaps we can help to remedy that!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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