The Adventurer’s Guild: A Great Blockchain Game, in Discord

A blockchain game built within Discord itself? Text-based, with minimal graphics? Is that even possible, and if so, how can that be fun? Well, after two weeks of being thoroughly addicted to playing TAG, I can tell you not only is it possible, it just might be the most fun blockchain game I've played to date.

I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. A blockchain game built within Discord itself? Text-based, with minimal graphics? Is that even possible, and if so, how can that be fun? Well, after two weeks of being thoroughly addicted to playing TAG, I can tell you not only is it possible, it just might be the most fun blockchain game I’ve played to date.

Things we will cover in this article: 

  • Honeycomb and How to Use It
  • Setting up Your Character
  • Fighting Enemy Monsters
  • Crafting¬†
  • The GUILD Token

Setting up the Game (Honeycomb)

So, how is it even possible to play a blockchain game built within Discord? Well, first you will need to join The Adventurer’s Guild Discord server where the game takes place. After that, thanks to SixPM Software, run by the same dev that created TAG, you can link your WAX account to the Honeycomb bot within Discord using a Honeycomb NFT which sells for 2-3 WAX ($0.5). (Editors note: for a free Honeycomb NFT, ask in our Discord and Rob will send you one.) Just follow the few simple instructions to get set up.

For those of you who hold Token Gamer Members or VIP tokens, this is the same bot process you used in the TG Discord. The great news is, once linked in one channel, it is linked in any channel using the Honeycomb bot!

Once you have linked your account with Honeycomb the only other thing you need to start playing is a beta access pass, which is currently available for 6-7 WAX on AtomicHub. Once acquired, the Honeycomb bot will recognize you as a beta pass holder, and you will be free to adventure!

Setting up Your Character

Once you have been verified, you can open the game by using the /game command in the #game-command channel. This will open the TAG game interface within Discord, and you will see multiple options. These include Profile, Inventory, Random Encounter, Quest, and Help.

Your Profile is where you can allocate stat points as well as change your profession. Each time you level up your character, you earn 5 stat points to allocate towards Vitality, Power, Intelligence, Constitution, Skill, Speed, Charisma, and Luck. A description of what each of those stats do can be found here. You can also change your profession between Adventurer, Fighter, and Caster with more professions to come soon!

On the Inventory page, you can equip different pieces of equipment that you have acquired including weapons, rings, necklaces, and skills, with more variety of equipment coming to the game soon. The inventory page also has helpful links to the Neftyblocks and Atomichub marketplaces as well as the link to crafting items which we will talk about a little bit later on.

Fighting the Enemy Monsters

The next two options on the home page in TAG are Random Encounter and Quest. These two places are where you will spend the bulk of your time fighting enemies, looting NFTs, and even earning the game’s native cryptocurrency GUILD.

In a Random Encounter, you will face an enemy at random to fight. There are a variety of enemies in the game such as Goblins, Wisps, Golems, Wolves, Slimes, Chests, Mimics, etc. Each enemy will have a level indicating its difficulty and will drop enemy-specific NFTs at random upon defeat. These drops happen infrequently, but enough to keep you wanting to play! For example, a Golem can drop Stone and Iron Ore, while a Wolf can drop a Wolf Pelt. Every NFT is useful as crafting equipment usually requires multiple types of materials. Each enemy also will grant experience and occasionally drop GUILD in small amounts. What’s great about the honeycomb bot, is that once an item or GUILD is dropped in-game, it’s automatically deposited into your connected WAX wallet.

In a Quest, you must face a series of enemies in order to successfully complete the Quest. You can only attempt 10 Quests each day (+1 every five levels). If successful, you are rewarded with a higher amount of experience and GUILD, as well as a chance to drop a Mysterious Chest. These chests contain many different NFTs, so you never really know what you will get!


Creating better items with the resources you earn from defeating enemies is at the heart of The Adventurer’s Guild. For example, in order to craft a training sword, you will need three branches and one basic workshop pass, which are all dropped from enemies in-game. This design allows for low-value NFTs to be combined into higher and higher-value NFTs.

While crafting may still be at a basic level now, it’s fun to imagine where the game will go when more complex crafting recipes are introduced. In order to craft items, players use Neftyblocks’ Super Blend feature which will burn the needed NFTs owned to create the new equipment you are wanting to craft.

The GUILD Token

The last thing you need to know about The Adventurer’s Guild is their native Crypto token GUILD. This token can already be earned in-game as mentioned earlier in both the Random Encounter game mode as well as in Quests. For the time being, GUILD is limited in its uses, as you can only use it to buy a few things on Neftyblocks. In the future, GUILD will have more applications

According to their whitepaper GUILD will be able to be used in “crafting, upgrading, appraising, and buying certain items.” 

As always, let us know what you think about The Adventurer’s Guild in the Discord.¬†
Also, make sure to check out last week’s article on Kingdom Karnage, and keep an eye out for my next article where I interview the creator, StuckatSixpm, to get some more insight into TAG!

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