TG Interviews stuckatsixpm, Creator of The Adventurer’s Guild

"My advice to new players would be to begin by doing some random encounters and, as the community likes to put it, 'just start punching goblins!'"


This week I was able to ask stuckatsixpm some questions about The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG). If you didn’t get a chance to read last week’s article on TAG, make sure to check it out before reading further, as it goes over all the basics of the game that you need to know.

To briefly recap, The Adventurer’s Guild is an RPG (Roleplaying Game) based within Discord through the power of the Honeycomb bot (if interested, join the Token Gamer Discord, and we can send you the NFT needed to sync your WAX Cloud Wallet with the bot). In this game, you can battle various different types of enemies in random encounters as well as quests. You have a chance at the end of the battle to earn NFTs as well as GUILD currency, which can be used to craft and acquire better and better equipment to help further your adventures!

Interview With stuckatsixpm, Creator of The Adventurer’s Guild

TG: What inspired you to create The Adventurer’s Guild?

stuckatsixpm: “Growing up I was always a fan of RPGs (roleplaying games) and several years ago there was a Discord server I was active in that had a DnD-esque channel (Dungeons and Dragons). I started wondering if it was possible to create a bot with that same functionality, and the first version of TAG was born. Since then, there’s been a lot of changes to the original TAG, but I’m excited to see the project grow and evolve.”

Murtagh9050(TG): “It is a very cool concept to bring DnD like elements into discord and make a full game out of it! I imagine other developers have drawn similar inspiration from DnD as well.”

TG: So, do you think gamers out there should give The Adventurer’s Guild a shot?

stuckatsixpm: “The reason I recommend TAG to people is that we’re creating TAG with player enjoyment as our goal. If you as the player are having a fun time playing the game, I call that a win. It might not be as profitable as other play-to-earn games, especially with the low barrier to entry, but ultimately, we just want to help people have fun and make sure they feel rewarded for it.”

Murtagh9050(TG): “I love that idea of keeping player enjoyment as your top goal. That seems to be something that so many of the new blockchain games out there put it as a secondary goal, so it’s refreshing to play something that puts player fun first.”

TG: So how do new players get good at the game? What should they do first?

stuckatsixpm: “My advice to new players would be to begin by doing some random encounters and, as the community likes to put it, “just start punching goblins!”. The game is designed so that you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to level 5 even without any equipment or skills. By that stage, you’ll have unlocked professions and also quests, which have a chance to reward a mysterious chest.”

The Adventurer's Guild on WAX

Murtagh9050(TG): “Haha, ‘start punching goblins’ I love it! I remember when I first started swinging fists at goblins myself since I had no weapon yet!”

TG: What do players have to look forward to in TAG?

stuckatsixpm: “Lots! There’s so much coming up for the project. Avatars are a major release happening in March, but we’re also planning on adding a variety of new foes this month. Further along in the plans, we also have some cool flagship features such as our staking system and player guilds.”

The Adventurer's Guild

Murtagh9050(TG): “I’m really looking forward to the avatar feature myself! And I got excited looking at the new enemies you teased earlier this week in Discord too!”

TG: What’s the next event going to be like/around?

stuckatsixpm: “The next event shall be Eggcellent…”

TG: Do you have a favorite NFT released in-game so far? What is it?

stuckatsixpm: “I think my favorite item so far is the Golem Heartstone material. It’s just so pretty!”

The Adventurer's Guild on WAX

Murtagh9050(TG): “I agree that is a cool-looking one, I’m partial to the Burning Javelin myself!”

TG: Is there anything else you want our audience to know?

stuckatsixpm: “We’re not going anywhere. There’s unfortunately been a growing number of sketchy projects that quickly disappear after making their sales. One of our core goals with SixPM Software and TAG is to be helping to grow and nurture the WAX community and keep giving back to this amazing community, so we’re here to stay!”

Murtagh9050(TG): “That’s great to hear that you are dedicated to the long-term success of The Adventurer’s Guild, I’m looking forward to playing for years to come!”

Final Thoughts

It was great to be able to ask stuckatsixpm all the above questions and learn more about The Adventurer’s Guild. It looks like there is lots of new content to look forward to as the game continues to expand. 

One thing that has been encouraging to me as a player is the frequency that I get new NFTs, as well as how the game economy is being handled. The economy is set up in a way to incentivize furthering your progress by crafting your NFTs to get better ones. This means that the base materials are constantly being burned, keeping the supply low. 

I really have been enjoying playing the game, as well as going deeper into its tokenomics and mechanics that make it work. If you have any more questions about TAG, let us know about it in the Token Gamer Discord server!

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