TG Announces Major Sponsorship of The Forge Arena Tournament

"The prize pool depends on sponsors, but it's already very healthy indeed. The top 3 pot will currently split over $5,000 in NFTs and tokens and as low as 20th place will get 500 $WAXP. However, every participant will get at least 1 NFT."

In 2018, Dave and I dreamed of a competitive FPS game like Counter Strike having skins that were NFTs. It seemed such an obvious win for players and developers alike, but alas, it was some way off. In fact, there have been times I’ve wondered just how far away it might be.

Well, the AAA studios may be some way away, so might the already established games like Counter Strike and Valorant, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a competitive FPS that utilizes blockchain technology. In fact, one is currently in alpha testing on WAX, and it’s shaping up brilliantly!

What Is The Forge Arena?

The Forge Arena is a tactical FPS in the same vein as Counter Strike or Valorant and aims to be one of the first eSport-ready games to utilize blockchain technology. Like the aforementioned games, it’s 5v5 and no player can gain an advantage through buying better weapons or characters; it’s an even playing field with parity.

Anyone with any experience in competitive FPS games will know that skins for guns are in high demand and can fetch exorbitant prices, even without proper ownership. If The Forge Arena hits the markers it’s aiming for, it could be all of that and more.

If you recognize this description, it’s probably because you read it in an announcement we made this week: We’re Giving Away 10 NFT Skins for Competitive FPS, The Forge Arena! Well, that is in part to celebrate becoming a major sponsor of an upcoming tournament for the game. I’ll save you a click, if you want to enter, you can do so here:

Token Gamer x The Forge Arena: 10 Incredible NFT Weapon Skins

The Forge Arena Community Tournament by Anyobservation

WAX celebrity, Anyobservation, has decided to host a tournament for The Forge Arena and has managed to wrangle a number of sponsors which means there is a juicy prize pool. Here are the rules taken from Anyobservation’s above post:

Tournament Rules

Latest version of rules will be on Tournament Reg page!
32 teams of 3. Premade and random teams allowed.
– We will play on EU servers on EU timezones, but everyone is welcome to join.
– You can sign up as a team, or as an individual and get randomized into teams before the tournament start.
Check-in at least 60 minutes before tournament starts or you are disqualified!
– We start on Friday 29/4 at 19:00 CEST.
– If all matches are not done by 11pm CEST, your team may choose to continue or postpone for Saturday 30/4 at 19:00 CEST.
– To play The Forge Arena, you need to have at least 1 of their NFTs in your WAX Account, and to sync your wallet with your discord account. Tutorial linked below.

General rules Rules:
– Finals will be played in best-of-3, before that we play best-of-1.
– One round is first to 10 wins.
– We play on Random Map.
– Every player needs to be on The Forge Arena Discord, with their WAX wallets synced.
– Only 1 Barret per team
– Cheating, abusing or by any other way treating the tournament, staff or players in an abusive way will get you banned from this and all future tournaments, NFTs and Token airdrops.


The prize pool depends on sponsors, but it’s already very healthy indeed. The top 3 pot will currently split over $5,000 in NFTs and tokens and as low as 20th place will get 500 $WAXP. However, every participant will get at least 1 NFT.

Final Thoughts

This is a small community tournament, albeit with a great prize pool, but it feels as if it could be the start of something. What’s most pleasing about this tournament — asides that there is an FPS being created for eSports in the first place — is how much the WAX community has rallied behind it. As you can see in the above graphic, several of the sponsors are other games; that’s the sort of ecosystem I want to be a part of.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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