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CEO of Unity on the Power of AI for the Games Industry

In a recent interview with the Associate Press, the CEO of the game engine, Unity, talked up the power of AI to improve the games industry and where it will have the...

WAX Releases SDK for Unity With Cloud Wallet Integration

One of the leading gaming blockchains, WAX, has announced the launch of the official WAX SDK for the game development engine, Unity, with Cloud Wallet integration included! As a reminder: Token Gamer is...

Want to Create a Web3 Game? Fractal Launches Developer Hub

The onboarding of players into Web3 has been a central focus for many working in the industry; without the playerbase, there's no value in creating games to play. However, in the last...

Enjin Is Changing the Game,  in Every Sense of the Word

Enjin brings us a step closer to crypto gaming and true item ownership.

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