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NFT Royalties Top $1.8 Billion, The Sandbox in Top 10

NFT royalties have been something of a hot debate, unexpectedly. As marketplaces emerged that allowed for 0% royalties, and criticisms of on-chain enforced royalties were made, a debate ignited. However, a Galaxy...

Mint One Podcast 35: Sudoswap, CC0s, and the Royalty Debate

The Web3 world ignited in discussion over Sudoswap's decision to lower royalties for creators to zero without the consent or permission of said creators. This sparked quite the debate. Token Gamer and NFT...

Why Do Blockchain Gaming NFTs Have Royalties?

If you've been on crypto Twitter this week, you've likely seen outrage around the discussion of crypto royalties, particularly for art NFTs. As far as I can tell, this was sparked by...

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