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How To Start A Web3 Podcast: Mint One Podcast, Episode 78

Let's be honest, we've all thought about having a podcast of our own at some point. Well, stop thinking about creating one and get on with it. The Mint One podcast wants...

ChatGPT Runs the Show: Mint One Podcast, Episode 64

ChatGPT — and AI in general — is taking over the world, so we decided to submit early to our robot overlords. In this episode, we let ChatGPT call the shots on...

What Is the Creator Economy in Web3? Mint One, 55

The term "creator economy" is commonplace in Web3, particularly in blockchain gaming. So, what is it? And how will it be different in Web3? Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided to combine...

2022 in Web3: A Year in Review: Mint One 51

Well, that was a hell of a year with a lot of disasters, but were there any positives? Yes, lots actually. Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided to combine forces to launch...

Web 3.0: Transforming Business Models for the Gaming Economy

On Monday 28th November 2022, Enter the Metaverse happened in London and the flagship panel of the two days was a conversation between me (Robert Baggs), co-founder of Token Gamer, Robby Yung,...

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