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Let’s Enter the Metaverse: Mint One 46

The Enter the Metaverse event is happening on Monday and Tuesday next week in London, so John and I decided to go through the talking points between us. Token Gamer and NFT Insider...

Why NFTS are NOT Dead: Mint One 45

It has been a dark few weeks in crypto and it's easy to get buried under the deluge of awful news. But Web3 as a whole is looking more promising than ever...

What the F**k Is Going On in Crypto? Mint One 44

I usually shy away from titles like this, but it's hard not to. The last week has been utter chaos and it felt disingenuous to ignore it. So, John and I cover...

Is Blockchain in Web2 Games a Bad Idea? Mint One 42

We always look forward in Web3, as we well might, but should we take some time to look back too? Could retrofitting blockchain and NFTs into Web2 games improve them, or would...

Why NFTs are Dead (Sort of): Mint One 41

NFTs are dead. Pack up your things — it's over. Well, not entirely, but mainstream media's love for the extreme, particularly in crypto, may be grounded in some truth. Token Gamer and NFT...

The Big Onboarding Problem in Web3: Mint One 40

We're taking a week off of Web3 A-list guests and going back to John and me tackling a topic head-on. This week, we're dealing with one of the biggest hurdles in the...

Matt Thwaites, Guild Lead at Big Time: Mint One 39

We have been racking up some Web3 powerhouses as guests lately and we're at it again this week as we interview Guild Lead at Big Time, Matt Thwaites! Token Gamer and NFT Insider...

Mint One Podcast 37: 26 Must-Know Web3 Tools

Web3 feels as if it is expanding faster than any industry I have ever seen, and it's not unlikely that it is. In the four years I have been working in the...

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