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Why We’re Still Bullish on Web3: Mint One Podcast, Episode 75

It can feel as if it's all been doom and gloom for some time, and in many ways, it has. However, there are also thousands of people building incredible things, and money...

Our Unpopular Opinions on Web3: Mint One Podcast, Episode 74

We all have them: unpopular opinions that would rile up the masses. Well, for the second time, John and I offer our unpopular opinions on the Mint One podcast. Token Gamer and NFT...

What XRP’s Win Over the SEC Means for Web3: Mint One 72

This week, we saw what is arguably the most positive news of the year for crypto and web3: the ruling in the case of the SEC versus Ripple (XRP). But, what does...

Is the Future a Dead Mall? Mint One Podcast 71

Decentraland established itself as one of the premier metaverse projects, but Folding Ideas has a few... comments. Is it just a dead mall? Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided to combine forces...

Can Web3 Solve RMT in Gaming? Mint One Podcast 70

Real Money Trading (RMT) in the games industry has been a significant issue for decades. Could blockchain help to solve the problem in a way that doesn't hurt the players? Find out...

Who Will Be the Steam of Web3? Mint One Podcast, Episode 69

The term "Web3 Steam" has been bandied around for so long, I'm losing sight of what it means. Nevertheless, there is a race to be the go-to library and store for blockchain...

AtomicHub Game Fest: Mint One Podcast, Episode 68

This coming week marks the first-ever AtomicHub Game Fest. But, what is it, how can you join, and what are the prizes? Token Gamer and NFT Insider have decided to combine forces to...

Eddie Fear, Game Director at Skyweaver: Mint One 66

Skyweaver is a game, Eddie Fear is a man. And yet, this podcast episode with the man from the game, is so much more than you are imagining. Token Gamer and NFT Insider...

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