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Alex Salnikov, Co-founder of Rarible: Mint One Podcast, Episode 84

Rarible is one of the most recognizable names in web3, particularly in the NFT sector, and while many organizations are winding down or have gone skeletal for the winter, Rarible hasn't. Robert Baggs...

Crypto Conspiracy Theories: Mint One Podcast, Episode 83

You can't help but listen to a good conspiracy theory and crypto conspiracy theories are abundant. What's more, they range from eerily plausible through to scribblings on an asylum wall. Let's take...

Is Web3 Culture Dying?: Mint One Episode 82

Is web3 culture dying? Well, maybe, but it's not what you think! This isn't sensationalism, but a far larger conversation about the place of web3 culture. Robert Baggs and John Nicholls have decided...

A Beginners Guide to Web3 in 2023: Mint One Episode 81

There has been an uptick of interest in web3, which could be for a multitude of reasons. One thing's for sure, though: web3 is as confusing as ever for newcomers. Let's fix...

$130M Gala Games Drama Explained: Mint One Podcast, Episode 79

Earlier this month, a lawsuit broke out between the two co-founders of the web3 gaming ecosystem, Gala Games. This week on the Mint One podcast, we break it down for you! Robert Baggs...

How To Start A Web3 Podcast: Mint One Podcast, Episode 78

Let's be honest, we've all thought about having a podcast of our own at some point. Well, stop thinking about creating one and get on with it. The Mint One podcast wants...

The Truth About the Web3 Creator Economy: Mint One Podcast, Episode 77

The creator economy has been a fundamental component of the vision for web3, and it was put into action for some time. Is it still flourishing? Robert Baggs and John Nicholls have decided...

Make Bitcoin Great Again! Mint One Podcast, Episode 76

Robert Baggs and John Nicholls have decided to combine forces to launch the weekly Mint One Podcast. Each week they will discuss a new topic around web3, as well as feature special...

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