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Winners Announced for MetaMask Sidequest Web3 Game Dev Grants

We might be in the frigid depths of a lengthy crypto winter, but plenty of web3 is building, growing, and improving, and gaming is a fundamental part of that. MetaMask Sidequest is...

Donnie Dinch, CEO of Bitski: Mint One 59

For blockchain gaming to exist, it requires some impressive infrastructure. One wallet and ecosystem, Bitski, is an impressive part of the space and so we sat down with its CEO, Donnie Dinch...

Ex-MetaMask Lead Launches HyperPlay, a Web3 Gaming Platform

At ETH Denver, HyperPlay announced the launch of the alpha client for their Web3-native game aggregator and launcher. So, what is HyperPlay and how does it work? What Is HyperPlay? HyperPlay is a Web3-centric...

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