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Blockchain Gaming Platform Immutable Raises $60m in Series B Funding

You may be familiar with the company Immutable even if you haven't been following them closely, likely due to their game, Gods Unchained. In mid-2018, I predicted Gods Unchained would be one...

My Top 5 Blockchain Games Predictions in 2018: Where are They Now?

In November of 2018, I decided to research all the blockchain games that were currently in development. I then distilled that list into my top five, based on which I thought had...

Gods Unchained Announce Next Wave of Beta Testers Coming This Week

When you think blockchain gaming, Gods Unchained is one of the first games in development you will think of. They have enjoyed arguably the most attention of any of the blockchain games...

Top 5 Blockchain Games to Follow in 2019

With more and more blockchain games projects appearing in 2018, it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff and see which ones are worth your attention in 2019.

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