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Mirandus Tech Test to Begin on 15th May: How to Play

If you had to name the top five Web3 games that are most widely anticipated, Mirandus by Gala Games is comfortably on that list. Now, we will be able to jump into...

Dr. Disrespect Debuts Deadrop Gameplay to Packed Audience

Dr. Disrespect is one of the most famous faces in gaming and his belief in NFTs and blockchain technology has made him a polarizing figure to many gamers. Undeterred, he has launched...

Web3 Space MMO, Star Atlas, Launches Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Star Atlas is one of the most anticipated blockchain games in development and many have wondered whether it can possibly live up to expectations. Well, one of the first opportunities to jump...

Web3 ‘Total War’, Blocklords, Teases Gameplay Footage

Blocklords is as if Age of Empires and Total War consummated on-chain and birthed a Web3, PvP strategy game. Well, after a long wait, we're finally seeing some in-game footage that was...

AlterVerse Launches Gameplay Trailer for Closed Alpha

AlterVerse is a promising gaming metaverse-style project built in Unreal Engine 5, and after a long wait, we're getting some gameplay footage ahead of the launch of the closed alpha test. What Is...

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