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Blockchain Gaming Platform Immutable Raises $60m in Series B Funding

You may be familiar with the company Immutable even if you haven't been following them closely, likely due to their game, Gods Unchained. In mid-2018, I predicted Gods Unchained would be one...

Hash Rush: Blockchain-Powered Real-Time Strategy

I grew up playing real-time strategy games. Back then, I'd have laughed if you told me I could make a living off it. Sure, some freakishly good players can earn money off...

Blockchain for Beginners, Part One: Introduction

New technology can be confusing. I remember when my family first got a dial-up internet connection. I was probably about 8 years old. The strange bleeps, bloops and scratches of whirring, chaotic cacophony...

Enjin Is Changing the Game,  in Every Sense of the Word

Enjin brings us a step closer to crypto gaming and true item ownership.

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