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A Quiet but Important Step for Blockchain Gaming: Enjin Announces JumpNet Smart Contracts

Enjin has been one of the primary players in the development of a blockchain for gaming. Their popularity was somewhat hampered by Ethereum's sluggish speeds and painful gas fees, so they developed...

A Roundup of the Most Important Enjin News

The last three months have been pretty exciting for Enjin! So much has happened that I'm just going to bullet point it real quick before we get into the new ENJ-backed crypto games — here's some of what they've been up to

Enjin Launch ‘Mintshop’, World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service

Enjin has taken another large step towards mass adoption with their introduction of Mintshop where you can now mint your own ERC-1155 tokens, easily.

Blockchain for Beginners, Part One: Introduction

New technology can be confusing. I remember when my family first got a dial-up internet connection. I was probably about 8 years old. The strange bleeps, bloops and scratches of whirring, chaotic cacophony...

9 Lives Arena Kickstarter Campaign Reveals ENJ-Backed Crypto Gaming Assets!

9 Lives Arena’s Kickstarter campaign released today, revealing exclusive presale items backed by Enjincoin. It is the second game to host a presale for ENJ-backed assets in order to raise funds for...

Enjin-Backed Crypto Games: August Roundup

Enjin’s virtual item ecosystem is now coming together, and as the release of several of their products (Enjin wallet item support update, EnjinX blockchain explorer, Unity SDK) is nigh, developers are starting...

Enjin Is Changing the Game,  in Every Sense of the Word

Enjin brings us a step closer to crypto gaming and true item ownership.

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