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The Most Active Blockchain Doesn’t Get Anywhere Near Enough Credit

While we are, at Token Gamer, focused on the role blockchain has to play in gaming, so much around gaming informs the topic. For blockchain to play a fundamental role in the...

How Indie Developers are Quietly Making the Important First Steps of the Future of Gaming, With Blockchain

Most gaming projects involving blockchain technology are indie and small, which could be taken to mean that the technology is not overly useful to the gaming industry, but that is wholly incorrect....

Enjin’s JumpNet Attracts Projects From the Likes of Microsoft and Binance, While Space Misfits Migrates To It

The NFT goldrush has been undoubtedly marred by two elephants in the room: one being environmental impact and the other being gas fees for minting and trading NFTs. While the environmental issues...

What Is Space Misfits? Blockchain Gaming Watch

A blockchain based space MMO that is play to earn? Color me intrigued.

What Is Lost Relics? Blockchain Gaming Watch

The number of games utilizing blockchain has been growing exponentially for some time now. Many aren't overly interesting, but there are plenty of diamonds in the rough. This is certainly one of them.

Age of Rust Launches This Week With Almost $1,000,000 in Prizes

Last week, we discussed the imminent release of Age of Rust as the first part of our new series on blockchain games. Now, with only four days until you can play the...

What Is Age of Rust? Blockchain Gaming Watch

In my new series, I will be investigating each game using blockchain that has caught my eye. First up, we have one of the most anticipated of all the blockchain games: Age of Rust.

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