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Web3 Total War, Blocklords, Launches Community Beta

Blocklords, one of the most anticipated Web3 games in development, is letting the first wave of players through its gates in a month-long community beta. Blocklords has been a long time coming and...

Web3 ‘Total War’, Blocklords, Teases Gameplay Footage

Blocklords is as if Age of Empires and Total War consummated on-chain and birthed a Web3, PvP strategy game. Well, after a long wait, we're finally seeing some in-game footage that was...

Immutable X to Host Incredible-Looking Medieval MMO Strategy, Blocklords

Summary MMO strategy game using Immutable X Player-owned economy, PvP, and complex gameplay Highly experienced team with EA, Ubisoft, and Paradox backgrounds; team now 100 strong I get a lot of messages from community members and...

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