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Space Nation: Web3 MMO and TV Series by AAA Devs and Hollywood Director

A new web3 space MMO has been announced for Immutable, but as if that wasn't a lofty enough goal, it is also going to be a TV series, have animated shorts, and...

Is the FTC a Hero or Villain to Developing the Metaverse?

The FTC has been taking on major organizations that have their eyes set on dominating the metaverse as it forms. This could be seen as stifling innovation and major investment in the...

TG Interviews Mark Aubrey, Ex-Head of Activision Blizzard APAC After Move to Web3

Token Gamer interviews the ex-Managing Director and Head of Activision Blizzard Asia Pacific, Mark Aubrey, now co-CEO of Web3 company, Catheon Gaming. Introduction Web3 is ill-defined and attempts to delineate the term are —...

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