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Giveaway: Alpha Keys to 9Lives Arena $50K Prize Pool Tournament!

9Lives Arena is launching a tournament with an enormous prize pool of $50,000 worth of NFTs. However, to enter, you need to have access to the alpha client, which requires an Epic...

1v1 PvP RPG, 9Lives Arena, Finds New Home at Oasys

9Lives Arena, a fantasy-style, 1v1 competitive PvP game with permadeath, created by Stargazer, was initially launched on Enjin, but has moved to Oasys HOME Verse as it ramps up for launch. In 2018,...

My Top 5 Blockchain Games Predictions in 2018: Where are They Now?

In November of 2018, I decided to research all the blockchain games that were currently in development. I then distilled that list into my top five, based on which I thought had...

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