SYMBIOGENESIS — Square Enix’s First Global Digital Collectible Art Project — Launches Chapter 1 Allowlist Entry Campaign: A Chance to Mint Art Collection for Free

Official Press Release published in collaboration with Square Enix.

Tokyo, Japan (November 7, 2023) – SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD (the “Company”) announced the SYMBIOGENESIS Chapter 1 Allowlist for its Digital Art Collection, offering players a chance to mint unique digital collectibles (the “Characters”) at no cost. Getting onto the Allowlist will require players to take part in the Allowlist Entry Campaign (the “Campaign”) which kicks off today through 21st November 2023 on the official SYMBIOGENESIS Discord server.

About SYMBIOGENESIS Allowlist Entry

With all characters designed to either play a role or hold bits of information on the story, there will be no public minting available for SYMBIOGENSIS. The only way to mint collections from SYMBIOGENESIS’s official website (primary marketplace) will be by entering the Allowlist and participating in the campaign. Chapter 1 will offer 500 Characters for minting.

Taking Part in the Allowlist Entry Campaign

The Allowlist Entry operates on a point-based system, where players with the highest number of points will be ranked at the top. Top-ranking players will stand a higher chance to mint characters at no cost (More details on “Mint phases and process.”)

During the Allowlist Entry Campaign period, SYMBIOGENESIS’s official Discord server will host a series of point-awarding activities for players to participate. The number of points awarded will be based on the players’ performance. All participating players will receive digital collectibles that can be redeemed for points for Chapter 2’s Allowlist as participation prizes.

Additionally, prior to the Allowlist Entry, players who managed to collect digital collectibles (the “relics”) through Treasure Hunt and other satellite social media campaigns, will also be awarded with campaign points according to the number and variation held.


Campaign Duration

7th Nov 2023, 3:00 AM – 21st Nov 2023, 8:59 AM (GMT)

Campaign Details

Participating players can enter the campaign through SYMBIOGENESIS’s official website to check their current ranking. A Discord account and a MetaMask wallet will be required.

Confirmed activities on the official Discord server:

The Lucky Bloom

While luck is said to be part of one’s skill, the Lucky Bloom is a test-of-luck game that requires players to choose the flower that contains the most points.

The Majority-Minority Game

The ability to read trends and make educational guesses is essential when it comes to information gathering. Players are presented with 2 choices to determine if the majority or minority wins.

The “Hella Difficult” Quiz

Deciphering encrypted text can come in useful when it comes to interpreting hidden messages. Players are faced with a series of cipher questions, where a secret message is hidden in the answers. This is a test of players’ code-cracking skills.

Mint Phases and Process

Minting the collections comes in 3 phases. All players who enter the campaign will be able to mint the characters starting from 0ETH per character. However, characters will be put up for auction (English style) if there is more than 1 player who wishes to acquire that character.

Phase 1: The “Stakeholder” Phase

A total of 10 spots will be opened to the stakeholders and those who are involved in the development of SYMBIOGENESIS. Facet and Mesh-type characters will be available to mint during this phase and only 1 wallet per character will be allowed.

Phase 2: The “Priority for Top-Ranking Player” Phase

A total of 90 spots will be opened in this phase and players who managed to make it to the top 50 in rank, as well as 40 players ranked between 51 – 300 will be chosen through a random drawing. Facet and Mesh-type characters are available during this phase and only 1 wallet per character will be allowed. Players eligible for Phase 2 will also be able to enter Phase 3. This is the phase that increases players’ chance to mint characters for free.

Phase 3: The Remaining Ranked Player Phase

The remaining 400 spots will be opened to all players who enter the campaign. Players will also be chosen through random drawing in this phase. All character types will be allowed to be minted during this phase and there is no cap on how many characters can be minted per wallet in this phase.

System Requirement

Launch dateDecember 2023 (Projected)
Supported chainsEthereum, Polygon
Supported browserGoogle Chrome(PC & App ver.)
Supported walletMetaMask
Supported languageEnglish, Japanese
Official website
Official Discord
Official X (Formerly Twitter)
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