STYLE Protocol Secures $2.5 Million to Revolutionize NFT Usage Across Gaming Platforms

Key Takeaways

  • Disrupting the $530+ billion market
  • Empowering Creators’ Phygital Assets
  • Native Token Raises Millions, Seeks Prominent VCs

STYLE Protocol to Bring Interoperability to Digital Assets in Gaming

Style Protocol makes the digital assets interoperable and monetized across multiple platforms to offer increased usability and revenue generation for digital creators and owners. The global NFT market is estimated to be worth $472 billion, and the virtual reality market is estimated to be worth more than $67 billion in 2024, so any major change-maker in the sectors would be richly rewarded.

Style Protocol disrupts this massive market by offering auto utilization of digital assets, 3D asset compatibility, monetization, and NFT renting through a sublicensing protocol. The project’s native token has raised over $2.5 million in its seed funding round from prominent VCs.

Blockchain games and digital worlds of the metaverse use NFTs as a basic building block. In-game assets like skins, characters, weapons, and even PFPs on these web3 platforms are typically NFTs. Since these platforms are based on different blockchain networks and use 3D assets created from different engines, it becomes a challenge to use the digital assets of one web3 platform in another.

Style Protocol bridges this gap by offering a Decentralized Metaverse Exchange (DMX) to address this issue. Imagine being able to use Axie Infinity game characters, Axies, in another NFT game like Illuvium and vice versa. The protocol bridges the gap between traditional and web3 games, looking to bridge the likes of PUBG and The Sandbox together.

STYLE Protocol enables assets to effortlessly integrate into different virtual worlds, ensuring immediate 3D compatibility and utilization across diverse platforms. This allows creators to maximize the potential of their assets and expand their reach within the virtual ecosystem.

One of the key features of Style Protocol is its ability to monetize and incentivize digital creators and asset owners. Style Protocol not only turns your 2D and PFP NFTs into 3D characters, but also helps you capitalize on them. The project introduces time-stamped NFT renting capabilities so that digital asset owners can lend their assets on various digital platforms for a fixed time.

The protocol offers multiple revenue streams, allowing for the creation, movement, and rental of assets, with services payable in both FIAT and crypto. The blue-chip NFT holders can consistently generate passive income through NFT derivatives. Likewise, an additional revenue stream is offered to sublicense NFTs by staking these assets on the platform.

In short, the platform helps anyone to monetize all assets by licensing and selling across the metaverse projects and web3 games. To ensure transparency, fairness, and adherence to protocol principles in the ecosystem, Style Protocol is governed by the community through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In-House Token, $STYLE


$Style is the in-house token of Style Protocol that fuels the entire ecosystem. Every $Style token is the owner of the decentralized Style Protocol, as they can participate in the project’s governance by effectively voting using governance tokens. The token has secured $2.5 million in its seed funding round from prominent VCs, including Filecoin, Faber, AlphaGrep, FunFair, and Blockhub.

$Style token follows a community-oriented approach, and its tokenomics are designed to reinforce the project growth and incentivize the community. The token has a total fixed supply of 920 million tokens, out of which 65% is reserved for launch and community, and 23% is reserved for product and growth.

Styling the Future

NFTs have become the basic building blocks for Web3, metaverse, and NFT games. However, their use case is limited to their own ecosystem or blockchain networks. Style has the magic wand to free all NFTs and digital assets so they can be used in and across any platform.

This isn’t just limited to NFTs either: Style gives the ability to bring your traditional in-game assets to life and capitalize on them. Convert 2D NFTs to 3D characters, lending assets, NFT staking, DAO participation, multiple revenue streams, decentralization, and interoperability – Style Protocol is all set to reshape the metaverse and take gaming to the next level.

Style has a thriving community that is exponentially growing as the protocol acts as a bridge between different gaming communities and projects. Follow Style on XDiscordTelegram, and LinkedIn, or visit the website to be part of the future.

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