Square Enix Partners With Elixir Games for Web3 Boost

"...the headline purpose of the union: drive mass adoption of Web3 gaming in 2023."

Square Enix is unambiguously a titan of the games industry and one of the most prevalent in the Web3 space. Now, Square Enix has officially partnered with Elixir Games for the betterment of Web3 gaming!

The amount I talk about Square Enix is frankly absurd, but there is regularly cause. You might think they are slipping me pay packets, but sadly not. In a recent article, I discussed the DappRadar and Pacific Meta report that shows the potential Asia has for blockchain gaming. In this piece, I mentioned that “Square Enix is all-in on blockchain gaming” and gave 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 examples. So, if you’d like some history on Square Enix’s involvement in Web3, you can start with those 6 links.

One involvement I hadn’t covered is that with Sino Global Capital, Square Enix co-led the funding seed round for Elixir Games in December 2022. Now, Square Enix has gone one step further and partnered with Elixir Games.

Hideaki Uehara, Business Development Director at Square Enix told Token Gamer, “Web3 games are just getting started. We feel that distribution to users is a challenge, and by partnering with Elixir Games we hope to bring web3 games to a wider audience.”

If you need a recap on what Elixir Games is, Murtagh wrote an article titled, What Is Elixir? The Web3 Game Platform which would be a good place to start. For a brief summary, Elixir Games is a platform for Web3 games that is cross-chain, cross-platform, and has many wallet and dapp integrations. It used to call itself the “Steam of Web3”, but wisely, has shed “Steam” from every description. Instead, the clear objective now is to onboard traditional gamers into a Web3 ecosystem.


One recent game we featured last year — Tollan Worlds, the coziest RPG in history — is already integrated into the Elixir launcher which is why I first tried it and I was pleasantly surprised at how well-made it is.

This partnership brings us closer to web3 gaming mass adoption. Our team is incredibly excited to bring our technology to work, and we foresee Elixir users playing web2 and web3 games alike without distinction. 2023 has already seen more industry leaders enter the space with impactful projects, and we anticipate to see more as the year progresses. We’ve put all efforts to ensure we are ready for scalability.

— Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games

The nuts and bolts of the partnership between Elixir Games and Square Enix is still unknown, we only have the headline purpose of the union: drive mass adoption of Web3 gaming in 2023. The details will follow in the coming months.

To download and try the Elixir Game Launcher, click here.

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