Square Enix Hosts ‘SQUARE ENIX GameX Community Party Vol.1’ Offline Web3 Event

Official Press Release published in collaboration with Square Enix.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Takashi Kiryu, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) held an offline event focused on the blockchain field on October 20, 2023 (Friday). Special invitations were extended to Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur and SYMBIOGENESIS to participate in talk sessions and other activities. During these sessions, the Company shared its vision for the future of the Blockchain Entertainment Division (BCE Division) and discussed the web3 future with Yosuke Saito, Jin Fujisawa, and Keisuke Hata, among others.

Goal of the Event

The event aims to provide attendees with a firsthand experience of the kind of experiences and narratives the Company wishes to deliver to the consumers and stakeholders through our projects in the blockchain field.

Additionally, it fosters community engagement and interactions among asset holders and the operational team.

Event Details

Date: October 20, 2023 (Friday) 18:00 – 21:00(JST)

Attendees: Asset holders of Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur, SYMBIOGENESIS, and relevant stakeholders.

Event Highlights

Talk Sessions

This event featured two talk sessions:

Talk Session 1: Producer and Creative Director Talk


  • Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur Producer: Yu Watanabe
  • SYMBIOGENESIS Producer: Naoyuki Tamate
  • SYMBIOGENESIS Creative Director: Yosuke Toyoda
  • LCA GAME GUILD Marketing Director: Miki Kawaguchi (Moderator)

Questions were collected in advance from holders who attended from each project, and were answered interactively on the day of the event.

Many questions and requests were submitted, covering future game developments, insights into Scenarios and creative production, and more.

Square Enix


Talk Session 2: The Future and Possibilities of Web3 from the Perspective of the Gaming Industry


  • Executive Officer in charge of the BCE Division:Yosuke Saito
  • CEO of StoryNote Co., Ltd.:Jin Fujisawa
  • Head of the BCE Division:Keisuke Hata (Moderator)

This talk session featured Yosuke Saito, who oversees the BCE Division, and Jin Fujisawa, the CEO of StoryNote Co., Ltd. The two industry veterans discussed the latest trends and advancements in the gaming industry, and their exchange received positive feedback from the audience.

Square Enix event

Networking Event

During this event, catering was provided, allowing attendees to socialize and engage with project team members, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere.

During the event registration, Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur can badges, which can be exchanged at the venue, were also given out to the attendees. Such exchanges can also be seen during the event.

Additionally, Keisuke Hata, the producer of Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur, distributed stickers printed with NFTs he owned personally, resulting in queues of people eager to engage in conversations with him.

Square Enix event

Project Updates

Each project presented updates and future roadmaps during the event.

Square Enix event

On October 14, 2023 (Saturday), Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a special-made cake prepared amidst the blessing of the holders.

Holder expressions of congratulations added to the festivities, creating an atmosphere of excitement and celebration.

SecuX × SQUARE ENIX Collaboration Hardware Wallet

The Company presented a “SQUARE ENIX EDITION (not for sale)” hardware wallet designed to securely manage NFTs and digital assets, with the added feature of on-screen asset confirmation.

A surprise draw was conducted with 40 lucky participants receiving these exclusive hardware wallets. The overall enthusiasm was heightened as the majority of participants held NFT assets, contributing to the excitement.

SYMBIOGENESIS Original “The Martial Empire Beer”

During the event, attendees were given a bottle of “The Martial Empire Beer” which will feature in the SYMBIOGENESIS story. This physical beer was distributed as part of a partnership with the NFT project “Crypto Beer Punks.” Attendees had the opportunity to not only enjoy the beer but also engage in activities that revealed the hidden narrative elements on the label.

Survey & Gift Distribution

The event ended after the gifts were presented. A post-event survey was conducted to collect feedback on the overall satisfaction with the event and the enjoyable content. More than 90% of the attendees expressed their satisfaction with the event, and many asset holders provided positive feedback, such as feeling the enthusiasm of the Business Division and enjoying the opportunity for diverse networking. This feedback contributed to the success of the event.

“It was a very meaningful event with both networking opportunities and serious talk sessions.

I could truly feel the incredible enthusiasm that went into creating SYMBIOGENESIS. I hope they can continue creating amazing things without pushing themselves too hard physically.

Being able to talk directly with the producers and directors, ask questions, and share opinions was a valuable experience. There were also many individuals active in various areas, and it was really great to feel the future of web3.

 I don’t think there’s any other place where an individual user can have so much communication with project producers and creators. Thank you!”

What is Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur?

Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur is Square Enix’s inaugural NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, focusing on the unique characteristics of NFTs, which involve recording ownership data and proof on the blockchain. It is part of the Million Arthur series.

The project offers a digital experience that includes creating NFT digital stickers through user customization and earning points by affixing these NFT digital stickers to online sticker holders. These points can be used to enjoy various events, creating a digital-native system that enhances user engagement.

With the release of the game, the customization options for these stickers have been expanded, offering an even richer entertainment experience in the realm of NFT digital stickers. We invite you to try this “new experience of play” and see for yourself.

Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur Service Basic Information

Title: Shi-san-Sei Million Arthur (currently only available in Japan)

Official Website: https://shisansei.million-arthurs.com

Secondary Trading / Marketplace: https://nft.line.me

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShisanseiMA_PR

Copyright Notice: © SQUARE ENIX Powered by double jump.tokyo Inc.


SYMBIOGENESIS is Square Enix’s first global NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Collectible Art project. The project aims to create a new Web3 intellectual property (IP), collectively built by all players involved.

The project invites the community to delve into the intriguing analysis of story points based on the background of art, character equipment and costumes. It offers the thrill of unlocking an epic story spanning about 2 million characters, allowing a collective exploration of the world’s mysteries. Additionally, some gameplay elements are also included such as item-hunting based on traces of clues.

By owning different NFTs, players are able to analyze the mysteries of the Floating Continent in different angles, search for items based on the clues on the NFTs, creating a unique experience for each player. Ultimately, players will be led to the World Mission—a mission to determine the future of the Floating Continent. 3 selected individuals will decide the fate of this story, with the entire player community participating and watching over the final outcome.

SYMBIOGENESIS Service Basic Information


Release Date: Winter 2023

Supported Blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon

Supported Browser: Google Chrome (both PC and app versions, support for other browsers is TBD)

Supported Wallet: MetaMask

Supported Languages: English, Japanese

Official Website: https://symbiogenesis.app/

Chapter 1 Story Site: https://story.symbiogenesis.app/JP/

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/symbiogenesis

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/symbiogenesisPR

Copyright Notice: © 2023 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

About NFTs

NFT, which stands for “Non-Fungible Token,” refers to tokens that represent something unique and cannot be substituted. Information related to the purchase and ownership of assets, such as transaction history, is recorded on the blockchain in a way that is non-replicable, making it extremely difficult to falsify or alter. As a result, NFTs provide proof of the uniqueness of the associated assets. A well-known standard for NFTs is ERC-721, commonly used on the Ethereum blockchain.

About Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. develops, publishes, distributes, and licenses SQUARE ENIX® and TAITO® branded entertainment content around the world. The Square Enix group of companies includes a global network of leading development studios and boasts a valuable portfolio of intellectual property, including: FINAL FANTASY®, which has sold over 185 million units worldwide; and DRAGON QUEST®, which has sold over 88 million units worldwide; and the legendary SPACE INVADERS®. Square Enix Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

More information on Square Enix Co., Ltd. can be found at https://www.jp.square-enix.com/

Editor’s Note: Square Enix Is Paving the Web3 Way

The value of blockchain technology to the games industry is undeniable at this stage, but we have entered an age of discomfort. On the one hand, many of the major game developers and publishers across the globe have been working on blockchain integration for some time. But, on the other hand, many have done so quietly or shied away from a public stand on the power of blockchain technology to improve the game for players and developers alike.

Square Enix has never done this — shy away that is. In open letters, in investment strategies, and in business briefings, Square Enix has made their intents known when it comes to blockchain, NFTs, and web3. In fact, nearly a year ago to the day, I wrote the article Why Square Enix’s SYMBIOGENESIS Announcement Is Important and much of the motivation behind the article’s sentiment was Square Enix’s vision; they see the value-add of blockchain and are fearlessly pursuing it. This will pay dividends that will hopefully start with the launch of SYMBIOGENESIS — one of the most singular game concepts I’ve ever seen, inside or outside of web3.

So, I want you to remember this: when the bull has reclaimed the market and the crypto winter has thawed, Square Enix was there through it all, innovating, investing, and building. The mainstream gaming media will continue to criticize companies such as Square Enix until the results of the pioneering behavior become part of the status quo, and then they will act like they never uttered a syllable of derision. But they did, and Square Enix pushed forward anyway. Here is to more web3 events and to the launch of SYMBIOGENESIS!


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