Spielworks Prepares for Web3 Gaming Bull Run with Immutable and Polygon

Spielworks is ushering in the web3 gaming bull run by partnering with Immutable and Polygon, which involves many of the best web3 games.

As of 2024, there are 3 billion active video game players worldwide. The players spend plenty of time and money unlocking and purchasing in-game items from the classic game. However, if the game decides to pull the plug, these centralized assets are gone forever. Moreover, these in-game assets cannot be traded outside the game.

The introduction of Web3 gaming is changing the dynamics, and Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics have gained massive popularity in recent years. The integration of NFTs and crypto tokens into games incentivizes the players for their time and the ownership of the in-game assets. Though crypto traders are seemingly already in a bull run, the NFT holders and Web3 gamers are still waiting for it — and it is almost here.

Spielworks is gathering influential players in blockchain gaming through collaborations, marketing events, and new rewards by Spielworks’ AtomicHub joining Immutable’s “The Main Quest”.

Round Table AMA to Wrap up Polygon’s Successful Launch


The Big Round Table AMA is scheduled on May 27th at 6 pm CET to wrap up the successful launch of Polygon on AtomicHub. The addition of a new chain on AtomicHub means new games, community expansion, cross-promotion, and community engagement in the Web3 space.

The AMA will feature Polygon-based games, including Forest Knight, Devomon, Skies Verse, Land Rocker, Ponchiqs, Avalon, Medieval Empires, Block Lords, and Polygon itself. Each game is backed by a strong community and brings a unique element for its players — setting the stage for rich dialogue and answering questions. The participants will focus on their unique innovations and plans to handle the huge exposure on AtomicHub.

This event is especially significant in preparation for the anticipated bull run. Spielworks showcased its strong presence across various verticals, including Wombat, AtomicHub, Wasder, and AtomicAds. The event led to a huge combined base of 7 million players. The upcoming Big Round Table AMA will focus on achievements, future collaborations, and player acquisition with more momentum.

Spielworks Launches Strategic Partnership With Immutable

Spielworks Immutable

Immutable is a leader in the Web3 gaming arena, and in March 2024, it teamed up with Polygon and injected $100 million into the Web3 gaming space. Likewise, Spielworks is a prominent figure in Web3 gaming distribution and publishing. Immutable and Spielworks have joined hands to focus on community engagement for Spielworks’ platforms, including Wombat and AtomicHub.

This strategic partnership brings new rewards and games for The Main Quest on AtomicHub. The Main Quest offers thrilling challenges and events for multiple on-chain games to give exciting rewards to the top players. While this is an opportunity for the players to get huge incentives, the partnership is an extensive marketing effort to win massive traction.

Through this partnership, Immutable integrates key services, including zkEVM, Immutable Passport, and Immutable Checkout, into AtomicHub. With this integration, the players will be able to effectively collect and trade NFTs within the Immutable ecosystem and AtomicHub will be incentivizing this trade activity through rewards.

Spielworks has more than 7 million users across all platforms and over 200 significant partnerships. Moreover, Spielworks’ Wombat, with its 4 million users, will open a new distribution channel for Immutable games.

Is the Bull run for Web3 Games Beginning?

The Web3 gaming sector will see a convergence of high-profile AMA sessions and strategic partnerships, attracting players and investors to the sector. Atomichub is a leading marketplace and could become the go-to marketplace for gamers given the integration of Immutable’s, The Main Quest.

Through The Main Quest, Spielworks will tap into an expansive community of gamers, collectors, and digital artists. This exposure will expand Spielworks’ visibility and might kickstart the highly anticipated bull run for blockchain games. The event is expected to bring significant traffic and user engagement to Spielworks and its partners, helping them acquire users and revive the dwindling value of many NFT projects.

Spielworks’ partnership with Immutable is a major development for AtomicHub, and here is why: Polygon is already celebrating its successful launch on AtomicHub. Integrating Immutable with AtomicHub makes AtomicHub “the first third-party marketplace to support zkEVM NFT trading with extra rewards.”

AtomicHub’s expansive approach with Spielworks aims to gather all blockchain games under one umbrella and create a unified web3 gaming ecosystem with enhanced interoperability and community incentivization.

Key Takeaways

To summarise, I asked our co-founder and editor, Robert Baggs, his thoughts on the news:

Spielworks is becoming a true powerhouse in web3 gaming and the partnerships with Polygon and Immutable exemplify this. Many marketplaces cater to web3 games, but few have them as their focal point. Atomichub, however, has web3 gaming in its DNA and to see Spielworks, Polygon, and Immutable all collaborating together is as bullish a signal as you can hope for.

— Robert Baggs

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