Spider Tanks on Gala Games Official Launch 31st October!

Spider Tanks launches on Monday 31st October at 2pm CST. It is free-to-play, Play-to-Earn, and is looking to be one of the first Web3 esports. What more could you want?

Gala Games has some flagship games with a lot of eyes on, and now the first is about to officially launch on 31st October 2022: Spider Tanks. Here’s what you need to know.

Gala Games is a company we have been following for some time. There are a lot of interesting projects being developed in their ecosystem, from the MMORPG, Mirandus, to the 4X strategy, Battlestar Galactica Eternity. One game has seen some closed beta tests and is now going to be the first out of the gate: Spider Tanks

What Is Spider Tanks?

Spider Tanks, developed by GAMEDIA, is a Play-and-Earn, Web3 battle brawler, pitched by Gala Games as a PvP esport with earnings. The game is free to play and revolves around skill-based competition to earn blockchain-based rewards. You can own your own tank and customize it with different weapons, body, prop, and skin.

Image via Spider Tanks Medium page. Click the image to see the article.

There will be several game modes available upon launch:

  • Team Deathmatch: A team versus team brawl to get the most kills
  • Capture the Flag: Not your typical CTF — there is one flag and the team holding it for the longest when the time is up is the winner.
  • Capture the Chicken: A spin on CTF where each team must find and capture as many chickens as they can.

For a thorough breakdown on Spider Tanks and how to get started building your tank, I would recommend Spider Tanks’ blog post, Pilot Orientation: Preparing for the Arena.

Final Thoughts

Spider Tanks has looked promising and from the little experience I have playing it, and those I have spoken to who have tried it, including our own SuperDope, it could live up to the promise. The primary flaw of the beta tests was how long it took to find a game due to the lack of players. Hopefully, with a full release, players will flock through the doors and we can evaluate Spider Tanks in its best light. Stay tuned!


Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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